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Skriker and Rose on deck at R,S & TB

Skriker and Rose
From one of my favorite series, Black Dog and Rebel Rose, I was lucky enough to be able to interview a couple hot enough to smelt iron ore. These are my kind of people, blunt, sexy, and very open about their relationship.

* Warning – This interview is not for the easily shocked or offended and contains graphic discussions of sexual congress – *snort*

First let me just say that very few couples have touched me emotionally quite the way these two have.  For some reason I just connected to the point of almost obsession, so I am just thrilled to death to have them both on the blog today.  Welcome and please accept my most humble adulation.  I have Krispy Kreme's and a special treat for Skriker, a bottle of Catdaddy Moonshine made not five miles from my very house.  I would have asked you to bring your puppy along but I was afraid he’d make a snack of  of my wolfies,  That could’ve put a damper on things.


For those who haven't heard me sing your praises, could you give us a quick bio?

SKRIKER: (plucking a Krispy Kreme from the box) Ah, jelly filled, and with a lovely illicit brew to toss it back with.  Wendy, you know how to make a man happy as a clam.  And Trash sends his love…he would have loved to play with the wolfies, but he might have gotten a bit too rough, true enough.  He would have peed on every tree you have…don’t think your pack would have appreciated that.

Anyway, my name’s Skriker, and I’m a Halfling. For those lovely ladies out there who don’t know what that is: I’m the son of a demon and his mortal mate.  My pappy was a True Native.  In other words, he was born directly from the flames of Hell.  Mama was a stripper and the love of his life.  They brought me up right, till they were both killed, along with my four-year old brother.  Losing them…it made me tougher than tough.  I am a hunter of all the nasties that lurk in the shadows: I hunt vamps, weres, shifters, trolls, other demons…none of ‘em get past my blade or my bullets.  I also cage fight professionally Underground, pretty much taking on any big baddy they throw at me.  I make loads of cash doing, it too…all the more dough to spoil my lovely Rosie with here.  (He winks and licks donut icing from his fingers.) I like fast muscle cars, big motorcycles, tattoos, and wet pussy.  Yeah, I’m pretty much the epitome of MALE.  (He chuckles and winks flirtatiously.)

ROSE (rolling her eyes): There he goes again.  Now you can see what part of Skrike’s famous nickname includes the word dog.  Anyway, thank you for having us, Wendy…and for the lovely gifts.  Makes us feel welcome.  (She knocks back a swig of moonshine and smiles).  Nice.  My name is Rose, and I suppose you could say that I’m Skrike’s opposite.  I, too, was born to a supernatural being and his human mate.  The difference?  My father came from Upstairs, rather than Downstairs.  He’s an angel, a big baddy who helped the Seraph Michael cast Lucifer out of Paradise when the Universe was young.  I’m what they call a Nephil, and to the best of my knowledge I’m the only one in existence.  Like Skriker, I also hunt, and have since I was sixteen and left my father’s care and training.  I hunt the same nasties that Skrike hunts…but killing demons is my greatest pleasure, especially since my mother was murdered by demons when I was five, and I received the scars you see on my face here that same terrible night.  It has made my relationship with Skrike a bit more…complicated than it would be under normal circumstances.

SKRIKER (leaning in and batting his lashes at her dreamily): You love me.  You think I’m rad. 

ROSE (giggling): Again, a total dog.  And nobody uses the word rad anymore, you doofus.

This question is for both of you.  At what moment did you realize, this is it? He/she is the one?

SKRIKER (wistfully): Oh, Wendy, for me it was the moment I laid eyes on Rosie here.  We ran into each other – literally –while on vamp hunt in this dump ghost town called Paradise Hill, I thought I had imagined her.  She had a gun in my face and all I could think about was “Holy shit, I gotta do this chick.”  Now, everyone and their sister knows that I have a loooooong history of being a pretty notorious lady’s man, and when I felt these stirrings in me – the stirrings of real love—I questioned them at first.  It wasn’t just about wanting to fuck her…it was about wanting to simply be near her, to breathe the same air.  And that feeling grew and grew as the hunt went on and we fought vamps and ghouls side by side.  When we finally hooked up…well, after that it all became official.  When I realized that I never wanted any other woman besides her…it was magic.  Then I found out she was a Nephil.  (He laughs, a little harshly.) I realized that she could be the death of me…and I didn’t care.  I was scared, which is damned rare for old Skrike, but not scared enough to think that I could live without her. 

ROSE: I thought Skriker was hot when I first ran into him in Paradise Hill, but my emotions probably developed a bit slower.  I’m used to being a loner—I have been since I was a teenager—and even though I have had other lovers over the years, the idea of falling in love for real and becoming someone’s companion seemed very alien to me.  At first I felt nothing more than lust for Skrike, simply because his bad boy demeanor and incredible good looks put me over the edge.  I turned away from that lust at first, even though I could have had him from the start…then, when I discovered he was a Halfling during a battle on the hunt, I tried to kill him.  Well, I half-assed tried to kill him, in all truth, because deep down I had feelings for him.  But I felt disgust then, realizing that I had felt such desire for a half-demon.  Blame the angel in me.  But that faded pretty quickly.  I had wounded him when I attacked him, and I felt bad about that, so I offered to clean up his injuries. One thing officially led to another after that…and I fell in love with him for real when I was making love to him for the first time.  Being in his arms made me turn back on my Nephil heritage, something that I never imagined could be possible.  That was it for me. 

*sigh* Awwww, you guys are just tooooo cute!
Skriker, how surprised were you at Rose’s gift?

Skriker: (laughing and clapping his big hands roughly) What a question! Truthfully, Wendy baby, I was almost struck speechless. Note the word almost.

Yeah, I did kinda notice you kept the verbal strokes flowing.
Did you ever have any doubts? Like if I push too hard it could blow up in my face? I mean that gift showed the ultimate in trust and commitment, to me it was more binding than a ring and a ceremony. (although I am pulling for that)

SKRIKER: Of course I had doubts, baby.  You gotta understand something here…Rosie is a Nephil.  She’s crazy powerful…I mean, Superhumanly powerful.  I’m a big fucking dude—I’m 6’3”, weighing over 200lbs and sculpted like a Greek statue. But her abilities make her stronger than me by far.  When she says she half assed tried to kill me back in the Paradise Hill, she ain’t kidding.  If she had gone all out, I would have been dead in two shakes of my hellhound’s tail.  So to have come to me and say, “Dominate me…make me your slave,” well, I was a bit incredulous at first.  I told her that she would have to shut all of those angel tendencies away, and lock ‘em up tight.  She did that, and did it well, and the end result was the greatest gift she could have given to me.  As far as the ring and the ceremony goes…well, I’m pulling for that, too.  That and maybe a pup or two, if you get my drift…eh, Rosie? 

(Rose averts her eyes bashfully, but says nothing)

Rose, I owe you the world’s biggest apology because I came down hard on you at first.  But you stepped up big time.  What was the catalyst?

ROSE: I found myself recalling everything that Skriker had done for me over the two years we had spent together.  How he had saved my life on that first hunt in Paradise Hill, right after we first hooked up.  How he made me feel…how he spoiled me and adored me despite the fact that I could be colder than cold at times.   I’ll admit that openly, Wendy—I can be a stone-cold bitch.  Again, blame the angel in me, and I ask the fans who love Skrike so much to forgive me for not giving him my all as I should have.  I realized that I was treating Skriker like he was less than worthy of me, even indirectly, simply because of what he is.  It was time to move past that…time to show him how I really feel, and how dedicated I really am.  Giving myself to him in this way, offering myself as his personal sex toy and letting him wholly have his way with me in such a sublimely brutal manner, was my way of saying, “I love you, and you are worthy.  Despite what I am and what you are, I trust you.”  BDSM sex is largely about trust, deeply and purely.  I trusted Skriker to handle me and my body the way a good Dom should…and he was infinitely successful.  Trusting him was my gift to him. 

SKRIKER: And letting me take your anal virginity.  Don’t forget that.

ROSE: Oh, goodness, no.  I could never forget that.  You can pound my ass any day, honey. 

SKRIKER: Ah, yes, Wendy…now do see why I love this girl? 

*rolling eyes at the besotted Skriker* Ummm, yeah I do…. now you have to work on making sure she never regrets that trust. And on a less pleasant note…
Rose, do you think your father will ever come around?  I mean he is supposed to be the epitome of love and forgiveness, and he has to see that no one will ever love you as much as Skriker.

ROSE: I can only hope that my father, Alexius, does come around.  For now, he barely tolerates Skrike.  I have to keep where Skriker lives a secret, and we can’t sleep together in my apartment—anywhere my father knows where I am, then we need to avoid that place as lovers. I know that the general consensus is that angels are supposed to be the embodiment of all you say—love and forgiveness—but it depends on the angel.  My father is a warrior, a solider, at heart.  All he knew before he fell in love himself was war and loneliness…and how to obey.  You can’t erase that, not entirely.  Even though he chose to disobey Heaven, he still expects ME to obey HIM.  I have tried to explain to my father again and again that Skriker’s like me—he’s had tragedy in his life, he’s had massive loss.  He’s scarred like me on the inside…he just doesn’t show it the way I do.  His father made a similar choice to what my dad did—falling for a human and forsaking his birthright.  But the angel Alexius is still just that—an angel—even though he’s wingless.  I don’t have much hope that he will come around.  All of us are immortal, but I still expect that it might take an eternity for my dad to wake up and smell the coffee about us. 

In Coyote Night, things got pretty dicey there for a bit, how much does worry for one another play in to how you hunt the Big Bads?


ROSE: (grinning): Come out with it, bad boy.  You’re comfortable enough in your own skin to admit that you don’t like letting me out of your sight. 

SKRIKER (smiling bashfully): Yeah, baby, you got it.  You get things got dicey when we hit New Mexico, and when I found myself almost losing my girl here for the second time, I gotta admit that sometimes I dread seeing Rosie pick up the blade or the gun and run on the hunt. I don’t want to send the message that I don’t think she could handle herself --  quite the opposite. But shit happens, and we’ve seen it. I watched a demoness try to choke the life out of my girl when we had just found each other, and then a skinwalker actually snatched her to make her his own., tricking us with his magic. Two close calls are too many. So for me, hunting the Big Bads is still fun as hell and I love running beside Rose all the way, but there is always some concern in the back of my mind … so I watch her like a hawk. I’m less reckless than I used to be.

Rose:  Yeah, I’ll agree with that one. Less reckless … but that doesn’t mean that we don’t go after our prey with weaker intent. We still slay the Big Bads, and we have fun doing it. We just watch each other’s backs more closely than we would have when we were younger, when we were on our own.

When does Skrike get to wear the collar?

Rose: (laughing uproariously) Oh, Hell, yes! What an idea! Skrike?

Skriker: Only on YOUR birthday, baby. Rest of the time, collar’s all yours. (He winks and grins merrily)

Okay, now we’re going to play my version of the Newlywed Game. Who ever knows their partner the best and answers the most questions….. well, they get to call the shots tonight. Skriker you go acquaint yourself with the puppies and we’ll call you back in a few.

Skriker: (knocking back another swig of moonshine and grabbing another donut as he stands to leave)  You got it baby. Will be glad to make your pack’s acquaintance. You girls keep down on the gossip, now.

*watches Skrike walk out the door* Seriously Rose, you hit the jackpot, lottery, and the rainbow’s end with that one. He adores the ground you walk on. You two were made to be together. *clears throat* Now ready for the fun stuff?

Rose: (giggling) Ready.

We’ll start off easy. Skrike’s favorite food?

Rose: Oh, that is an easy one: jam. That goes back to his old school demon heritage – leave a demon a plate of jam and he’ll leave a gold coin on the plate.

Skriker’s best move in bed?

Rose: ( clapping her hands) Whoa, Wendy, you are asking all the good questions! I’d have to say that Skrike is a master of cunnilingus. His mouth and tongue are like separate sex organs all their own. I love it when he gets me on all fours and then eats me out from behind. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “doggy style”.

* gets up to turn on the AC* What would Skriker say is your best quality?

Rose: (squealing with laughter, her cheeks livid): My tits. Definitely my tits. He’d say that’s where all my personality is.

Ah, the universal man magnetic…. What can light Skriker’s fuse the quickest?

Rose: A nice striptease always makes him sprout a boner faster than clover in a rainy spring. He loves to see me bring out all my best assets nice and slow, letting the excitement build.

All right, let’s get your boy back and see what details he’s willing to spill about you.

Skriker: (strolling back in with a huge grin) Love those pups of yours, Wendy. Love ‘em! Would take one home with me if I din’t already have that big dumb ruby-eyed beast of mine waiting for me. Okay …questions ahoy!

*sounds of multiple wolf howls nearby* OMG, I’m going to have a mutiny on my hands. I don’t think they wanted you to come back inside. *sigh* You’ve ruined my wolves, and in less than an hour. I may have to put you on retainer.
Now let’s dish about your girl. What does Rose think is the sexiest thing about herself?

Skriker:  Oh, jeez. Putting me on the spot, are we? I’d say that Rose knows she has a killer figure … but she would definitely tell you that her eyes are what draw you in and make you want to get her between the sheets. I have seen men freeze in their tracks at a single glance from her … it’s like they can see Heaven’s power in her gaze. And that is sooo sexy.

What is Rose’s biggest guilty pleasure? Something that she would kill you if you ever told.

Skriker: Ha! Rosie loves her soaps. She’d never tell you that, but … I know. I’ve witnessed the horror myself. Ha!

Man, oh man. She really would kill you if she knew you told that. My lips are sealed.
What will Rose say you did that first gave her goose bumps?

Skriker: Hahahaha! Probably the first time I kissed her. She did admit that I blew her mind and continue to do so every damned time. Some would say these lips are magic.

What does Rose think is your ummmm *looks at floor and blushes beet red* biggest asset?

Skriker: (his gaze smoky and painfully flirtatious) Why, Wendy, doll … sounds like you already know the answer to that question. But I’ll remind you of the gift that keeps on giving: ten inches of thicker-than-Hell, rock-hard gristle. (He pats his crotch and winks)

*Rose walking in on last question* Oh, good Lord.

Skriker: You love it, my sweet honey girl. You have the power I put between your legs.

Rose: (running her fingers through her hair, blushing beet red herself) God, I had to pick the bad boy.

For both of you, if you both woke up completely human in the morning, what would be your first reaction?

Skriker: If I woke up human, I’d realize I was suddenly mortal. I’m thirty now … that’d give me a few good decades to marry and raise a family. ( He glances at Rose, his gaze coy) No time to lose, you know? Agree, Rosie?

Rose: (quietly) Yes … if we both woke up human.

*Rushing to cover up an obvious sore point* Well you two have just been great, and it has been such an honor to have you both here. Please come back anytime and Skriker, you keep doing right by this young lady. She is a definite keeper. And a HUGE thanks to Danielle Smith for telling Rose and Skriker’s story so eloquently and allowing us to be part of their journey.

Skriker: Our pleasure being here, Wendy baby ….
(He pants a peck on Wendy’s cheek. Beside him Rose chuckles.)

Rose: Yes, many thanks. It’s been fun … we hope to see you again for our next adventure.

*sigh* (I don’t think this was what Freud meant by penis envy)

   51J8567wLYL11997049DEMON'S SLAVE final cover

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Silvia said...

I LOVED the interview and I LOVE Skriker and Rose, they're one of the most lovely, funny and passionate couples I've ever read about!
Great job with the interview, Wendy! And to Danielle, awesome job with the last book as always, hon! ;)

Gail said...

The interview was fun & insightful!
Thanks to Danielle for creating this world.

Thanks to Striker & Rose for keeping us entertained and sharing their stories:)

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Fun! I love character interviews.