Monday, August 8, 2011

Cover Crazy–The Genius of Pickyme

A Weekly Meme hosted by The Book Worms

 This was a free read as a thank you to fans of the Mark of the Vampire series from author Laura Wright.
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 What I love about Tricia “Pickyme” Schmidt’s work is the innate sensuality of the lines. This is prevalent in all of her art work, but is especially captivating here. The curves, lighting and general composition takes what is in reality a simple portrait of two people, and turns it into a dreamscape of need and passion.


Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published: 4/2011
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  This is another great example. Look at the strength of the hands gripping the backs on both covers. This is no casual pat, these hands are hanging on for dear life. Makes quite a statement. To view more of Pickyme’s outstanding graphics, visit her website at

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