Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trinity: The Brethren, book 1 by Deena Remiel–A Day for the Angels


Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Published: 3/20/2011

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  Rating: Entrée


  Emma Livingston’s five year old daughter Hannah had been having nightmares of a demon for so long now, they were both showing signs of severe sleep deprivation. Scared and at the end of her rope, Emma turns to one of her few friends, Michael D’Angelo, and he reveals some unbelievable revelations. Michael is not just the principal of Hannah’s school, he is a Protector angel and a member of the Brethren, angels who protect mankind and fight the evil forces that wish them harm. Together, Michael, Emma and Hannah form the Trinity, a triad of power that will come into play during the upcoming war of good versus evil. 

   The opening summary puts it all in a nice, neat package. It was anything but for Emma. Imagine someone looking you in the eye and telling you that your baby girl is a warrior angel and about to lead a battle against the big bad. Not so nice and neat anymore..hmmm? To be honest, Hannah handles the situation much better than Emma. Emma freaks right on out and kicks Michael out on his sexy rump, although she did check out said rump as it was leaving. Michael is dealing with some heavy issues. He's not real confident in his appeal to women. He is under the mistaken impression that women in general might find his wings a tad off putting.
Let me just be real clear on this, if any of my teachers, counselors, professors, instructors, school janitors, or even cafeteria workers, had looked like Michael with wings, I would have a PhD right now.(and probably walk bowlegged)

 Emma, because of past problems with her male relationships, has some rather intense trust issues. This is a HUGE issue in the story. Even after Michael has proven his divinity, Emma still questions his motives. Once again Hannah handles the situation with more aplomb than the adults. Being possessed by an ancient angel spirit might have something to do with that. The story line, secondary characters, as well as the evil villains were flawless, and should lend themselves quite easily to a continuing series. There were snippets of humor that broke up some really graphic battle scenes. I wish the love scenes had been a bit more detailed and gritty (yeah, I'm pervy like that), but they were sweet and may pull in a more diverse demographic. This heartwarming, life affirming story offers hope and second chances. By the end of the book, these characters were a fixed part of my literary family. The entire Brethren horde has attached themselves forever to my psyche and left a warm and lasting imprint. I will be avidly watching for their future adventures and strongly advise you to do the same. READ THIS BOOK!!



Proserpine said...

I enjoyed your book review! This book sounds interesting and I think I'm like you and I like to have erotic and evocative scenes. I like the feeling of being in the same room as the characters (I think it's my evil side!)I Love the cover! Hmmmmm :D

Sebella Blue said...

I know, right! Jimmy Thomas is SICK gorgeous. It really is a tremendous series, and Deena Remiel is awesome with her fans. I have never seen an author work harder to accomodate, or promote.

Deena said...

Blue Shedevil, thank you so much for making my Brethren a part of your literary family and for taking the time to write this intriguing review! I wanna go read it again!lol And what a perfect day to have it appear- on a day when angels were undoubtedly surrounding us all.
The next book, Relic, has Raphael and Serena, who are a bit bolder with their sexual desires and loves scenes, but still, not an erotic read. I MUST admit to falling asleep MANY a night with a particular love scene on my mind from Relic! I do want to appeal to a broad audience, and have a faithful male following that is ever growing. Looking forward to bringing you Relic and then Elixxir to you all! Hugs and snugs,

Unknown said...

I have this one as well! Man am I behind!

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Denise Z said...

I will admit the Brethren were my foray into the world of angels and they definitely changed my mind about wanting to read about the wingy dudes. Thank you for taking the time to share about this awesome book today, I loved it and have recent bought the next installment and am looking forward to continuing the journey. After all I LOVE CHOCOLATE COVERED ANGELS ;)

Barbara said...


Deena said...

I love chocolate and I love angels. Now angels dipped in chocolate... Oh yeah...;)

Hope Welsh said...

Another for the TBR pile

I love Chocolate covered Angels