Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forged In Fire by Trish McCallen


Publisher:  Self/Smashwords

Published: 9/06/2011

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Rating:  Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

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Zane Winters, Lieutenant Commander on US Navy Seal Team 7,  is on his way to Hawaii for a friends wedding with two of his fellow teammates when he gets a psychic flash of their deaths on the plane. These psychic flashes have saved his and his teams lives often enough that he knows not to discount the vision. Beth Brown is clerical support for the engineering department of PacAtlantic Airlines. She is just a normal, ordinary woman who happens to be living a nightmare. Her dream of a hijacked plane is about to come to reality and she has to try to stop it. Approaching the three men she saw die in her dreams is a long shot and they’ll probably have her committed as a lunatic, but better she be wrong and embarrassed than a plane full of people die.   

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! OK, I review a Lot of books, and a few I love, I few I really like, some are just "meh" and some make my eyes bleed. A very infinitesimal number of those books cause my heart to pound, my palms to sweat, and the urge to yell "READ THIS BOOK" over takes my brain. This is one of that tiny number. I get a feeling just from reading the blurb or a small snippet that this book is about to rock my world. I was absolutely dead on. I have had this book a while in my TBR pile, and even though I wanted to snatch it up and read it right away, that wouldn't have been fair to the other books, and I am nothing if not fair. ( I did how ever cheat...... a lot) I would just read a paragraph or two, or ten or twenty. Anyway by the time it came up in the TBR order, I had like two pages left. But I did reread the ENTIRE book just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. It was even better the second time around because I knew when to grab the kleenex. (That was NOT nice Ms. McCallan)

 This book is a self published work and I usually anticipate a few editorial errors or slip ups, hell I even anticipate those from the big houses. Let me just congratulate and give a HUGE thumbs up to Forged in Fire's editors. OUTSTANDING job! Now on to my favorite things.... the heroes. US Navy Seals. Yum, yum eat em up with a spoon, yum. Zane,Rawls, and (keep your hands off, he's mine) Cosky and even that snarly Mac, are the epitome of what the male of our species should be. Honorable, loyal, faithful, tall and well endowed....um well educated, yeah, well educated. I love these Seals, I want to do incredibly dirty and complicated things with them. The relationship these guys had was just too incredible for words.  It just kept me so enmeshed in this story. It was like if J.R. Wards Brothers somehow joined Suzanne Brockman's Troubleshooters. It was that EPIC. And Beth, bless her little lucky heart, she just was overwhelmed at first. She put on her big girl panties and damned well earned that heroine title. The story and plot ARC will keep you on the edge of your seat, the characters will keep you glued to it. If you have ever taken one of my recommendations seriously, now is the time to do it. This book has it going on and I will back that up in spades. There is absolutely not one thing that is not perfect in this book and it is certainly going on my top picks of 2011.


loves to dive said...

O.k. you had me at wow. I love this genre of book and who doesn't love a hunky navy seal (my honey is a Marine so he doesn't but get over yourself I say). On my wish list this book goes. Thanks for the review.

Trish said...


This is by far my favorite review for Forged in Fire. *HUGE GRIN*

Thank you SO MUCH.

You really made my morning!

Sebella Blue said...

Trish, I had to cut myself off in the review. I could have talked about your book for DAYS. It was a wonderful book.