Thursday, January 26, 2012

Below the Belt by Skye Warren


Publisher: Skye Warren Erotica

Published: 11/18/2011

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Rating: Salad


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart


Abe Montgomery had one goal at the moment. Win the gold medal at the The World Martial Arts tournament and open his own Taekwondo school. He was totally focused until his cocky pride let his friends push him onto the “Bet”. You know the “Bet”, right, where men wager who can score the fastest.  Paris had one goal. Get through this tournament with her mother and younger sister, then get as far away from martial arts as humanly possible. So what was she doing wandering off with the sport’s golden boy?

I will be totally honest, I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. I figured I would give it a quick read and at best read a few hot sex scenes. Well I did read some really HOT sex scenes, but I totally got into the characters and their story. Surprise!! How chagrined was I? I should have judged this book by the cover. (Isn't it smoking?) Skye Warren did an absolutely magnificent job in developing her characters and in pulling the readers into the drama taking place in their lives. And Paris, what an absolutely dynamite heroine. When she finds out about the "Bet" does she slink away, cry or cling. Um..... no. She gathers her tattered dignity and gives a very dignified exit. Then he gets to chase her and do a little groveling. You know I just luuuurve a good groveling.  I got a lot more than I expected in this well written gem of a book. The story itself revolves around the sport of competitive martial arts and had a very adult Karate Kid  feel ( I kept waiting for somebody to yell "Sweep the leg!") and while not an avid enthusiast of martial arts, it was presented in such a knowledgeable entertaining way that ended up learning a few things. If you're looking for something enjoyable, unique and very hot, you can't go wrong with Below the Belt. Big kudos on a job well done Ms. Warren.

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Unknown said...

Isn't it wonderful when a book totally surprises you. I just love it. I'll be keeping an eye out for this author based on your review. TY!