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Series Spotlight - the Goddess Redemption

To Cast A Stone - Bk.1

This is the first installment of a series of shorts about Artemis and Orion. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you know that Artemis killed Orion in a fit of rage when she thought Orion was unfaithful. We as readers are now treated to the journey and challenges that Artemis must overcome to find Orion on the mortal realm where he is destined to live and die as a human until the cycle is broken.

This short story presented challenges for myself as an animal rights activist and as a reviewer. Artemis is goddess of the hunt. Hmmmm, challenge #1. She just loved killing things, even her own creations that she imbued with supreme beauty and intelligence. I did overcome this challenge because it was her inherent nature. She did not choose these desires, they were actually who she was. I also weighed this against the fact that she does receive a form of comeuppance. I also was swayed by the superior writing and story weaving of Kelli Lockheart. I kid you not, it took some major chops to make me leave my long held bias behind.

Challenge #2 - Orion is a tad bit uncommunicative. A lot of turmoil could have been avoided if he had just spoke up. Alas, in this time period, men could be lunkheads at times. In addition, Orion was the wronged party in this tale. He doesn't know his past, so he just thinks Artemis is a sexy wench. Personally, I kind of wanted him to remember and exact an appropriate revenge. He does get his pound of flesh though, even if it isn't intended. The story runs hot and steamy without beating the reader over the head with the erotic content. I did enjoy this tiny tale and will soon be reading the next installment. I definitely think it is worth the time.

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Spellbound - Bk. 2

This is the next installment of The Goddess Redemption series which tells the story of Artemis (yes, the Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt) and Orion (son of Poseidon). Artemis had some insecurity issues and kills Orion right before they are to be married in a fit of misplaced jealousy. Enraged, Zeus with the aid a sympathetic Aphrodite, sets about teaching his impulsive daughter a few life lessons about character. Destined to seek Orion on the mortal plane, both are recovering memories and rushing towards the future that should have been theirs.

Knowing the backstory and being more familiar with Artemis and Orion, this book was a joy to read. This lesson dealt with the jealousy issue and also with the recovered memory of how Orion died. Orion is the epitome of a romantic hero (except for the whole hunting thing) gorgeous, strong, ethical and loyal. Artemis however needs the lessons she is so harshly learning. In this incarnation, Artemis is a witch known as Sara, who along with her beautiful sister Meg is attempting to concoct a potion to keep her village safe from werewolves (which Artemis created). Orion is a hunter who has found a way to kill the monsters. 

The reader can see the growth in Artemis, making her a much more likable character. I am much more invested in the story of these lovers after this book. I flew through this short story in less than an hour and was asking myself " where's the next book?". This book answers several questions and furthers the story exponentially. The shifters play a major part and though I sympathize with their plight, they are not nice. This serial is turning out to be a jewel of a find.

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Moonlit Promise - Bk. 3

In this installment we find Luca/Orion as the beta in a lion shifter pride. He has been sent by his alpha to plead his case to Tatiana/Artemis, who is the only shifter able to naturally conceive. Known as the Unul Pur, Tatiana has her choice from all the shifter elite males who are desperate to fill their ranks. Zeus and Aphrodite need to stop the proliferation of shifters because it is lessening their god powers. Unfortunately their powers are no longer strong enough to bring Artemis back to her true god form. Thus the saga continues.

It is complete irony to find Orion as the beta. He is such an alpha male, that this twist really caught my attention. It was actually a very nice surprise as it gave a depth to this installment that ensured the reader never gets complacent. Also. the element of both characters knowing that they were something "more" and merely borrowing their bodies, was a refreshing addition. Orion is put to the real test in this book. Can he let another shifter impregnate his true love? Can he break the bond with his alpha, Buru, to claim his eternal mate? These questions made me rush to the end.

Even though Artemis is aware that Orion is somewhere out there in this time, she still fulfills her shifter duty by choosing a partner and bearing children. This time she is being particularly picky. When she discovers her warrior is a beta, she has developed the ability to sacrifice her wants and desires for Orion's safety. Artemis has definitely evolved into a much better heroine. The backstory of the Gods of Olympus is growing heated and desperate. All in all, I am enjoying the gradual fleshing out of the story and I am soooo ready for the next book.

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