Monday, February 28, 2011

Review of The Veil by Shiloh Walker

As always, in the first book of a series, the reader has a lot to take in. It is the author's job to make this task entertaining and not overwhelming. Ms. Walker has accomplished this task very nicely. The heroine, Lee aka Lelia is sent to our realm as an infant. She is unknowing of her other world, magical background and thinks perhaps the vivid dreams she has are a sign of oncoming insanity. Kelen, the hero and leader of the resistance in Lee's home realm, has been aware of Lee's dream appearance's since he was 10 years old and knew she was vitally important to ending the war that has been waged for decades with the Warlords.
There are many elements and terms for the reader to absorb, but one is so swept up in the story and the chemistry of the main characters, the book reads incredibly fast. There is a lot of action and the heroine is strong and not afraid of a fight. As always, Shiloh's handling of the romantic aspects of the story are sizzling. This book is not overly graphic, but I would not recommend this book for a 15 year old. There are some scrumptious secondary characters that I became very fond of (he's a blond), so I will most definitely follow this series. Very good read.

 Well Done

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