Friday, February 25, 2011


   I had read TREMENDOUS things about this book before I decided to purchase and read it. So, I was all atwitter with anticipation when I started reading. Now before I get into my review I need to lay down some important information. I live in central N.C., where this book takes place. If you ever spent anytime here you know there are two types of people. Those who worship ( I can't even type the name without throwing up a little in my mouth)that which can not be spoken, and those who LOATHE WITH AN UNHOLY PASSION, those aforementioned. I am an Iron Duke, a proud citizen of the Duke nation, and I bleed Duke blue. So, there I sit, book in hand, happy as a clam, when lo and behold, it is revealed that the heroine is a professor of music at that which can not be mentioned. AHHHHHHH! I immediately dropped said book and ran to wash my hands. After several calming breaths and a very stiff drink, I decided to be brave and persevere. I put on my latex gloves, picked the book up off the floor, and continued reading. Thank the good Lord, it wasn't mentioned too often.
   Now for what I actually thought about the book. The writing was captivating. Roland the hero, captured my heart despite his terrible taste in women. He was just dark enough to be sympathetic, without beating the reader over the head with it. Plus, he had an immortal cat. Guys who love cats....automatic panty droppers. The secondary characters and plot...kudos. The heroine was from Texas, so maybe she wasn't aware that she was working for Satan. She was gutsy and not the least bit wimpy. Maybe the bourbon helped more than I thought. I will definitely be following this series, because I absolutely fell in love with the villain in this book. He is my kind of bad guy. An excellent read!!!  

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