Friday, March 11, 2011

Review for Eternal Kiss of Darkness

I love,love,LOVED this book. I want to have a child with this book. There is absolutely NOTHING sexier than a powerful, stoic, arrogant, and withdrawn man falling ass over heels in love. Mencheres carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and is in a very dark place at the beginning of this book. Watching him come back to the land of those with a future was one of the best journeys I have ever been own. Kira was magnificent as the heroine, strong and confident in her own abilities. Truly one of the best pairings ever. Kira enabled Mencheres to reconnect with friends he had hurt through his evasiveness. She absolutely was his life saver, but not only did she save him, she made him so much more than he was. It truly was an even partnership. Lovely, just lovely. Waiting for Vlad now.......still waiting.

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