Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review of Night of the Vampires By Heather Graham

  This is a continuing series that occurs during the Civil War, or as I like to call it , the war of Northern Aggression. The heroine, Megan, was sired by a vampire on his human lover. Megan's father left before she was born, and she spends the book trying to atone for her vampiric bloodline. The hero Cole, is a sheriff from Texas, who saw his town decimated by vampires, and is dedicated to eradicating them from the planet. They are thrown together as Megan searches for her half brother, who just happens to be with Cole fighting the vampire scourge. 
   I had read some of Ms. Graham's previous work for Silhouette and found her to be most entertaining, and that has not changed. The story was very well written. However, I was unaware that this was a historical series, so I was quite surprised when I started reading the book. Though well written, this was just not my cup of tea. It is something I would have read in junior high school. Understand that I am under no circumstances trying to denigrate the author's abilities. The target audience for this book has a much more delicate palate than I. Disregarding the war and the vampires, this is a very sweet and tender love story. 

 Hmm 2

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