Sunday, July 31, 2011

Night Walker by Lisa Kessler



Publisher:  Entangled Publishing

Published: August 2, 2011

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   When Father Gregorio Salvador found the broken, lifeless body of his forbidden love Tala, he started on a path that would lead him to an endless life of death, bitterness and isolation. As Calisto Terana, he immediately recognizes Kate Bradley as the reincarnation of his lover Tala, but he can not come to her as a human any longer. Now he is a Night Walker, a predator of the dark, and he brings danger in his wake. Kate has no inkling of her past life, only an immediate attraction, a weird sense of deja vu, and recurring nightmares. Tala's original killers may be long gone, but the Holy Order of the Fraternidad have watched Calisto over the centuries and have been waiting for her return. It seems history is about to repeat itself.

  Night Walker is the debut of a new paranormal series by Ms. Kessler, and technically it was a wonderful book. It was extremely well written and the plot was thoughtful and entertaining. So why did I not love this book?? It is definitely a head scratcher. I like dark books, and this was extremely dark. I think I missed the snark. Very little snark to be found. Calisto being a former priest retained a lot of old world manners and taste. He was very artistic and somewhat philosophical. Meh. Even though he was a warrior of sorts, he wasn’t warriorish. I think he was a little too polished for me.  Kate was the same way. She taught middle school show choir, and played piano. Meh. No snark, but a lot of  “I want you” then “get away from me”. Eye twitch. This is all personal preference on my part. I like rough, growly “pull my hair” and “pin me to a wall” type of heroes. I like “knee to the crotch” and “sailor mouthed” heroines. If you prefer a more sensitive, sweet, heart felt story. You will love this. 


A. Santiago said...

I like the plot, but, like you, I prefer the "pin me to the wall" heroes

Sebella Blue said...

I felt really bad because I didn't like it more. It was really well written, just not my type of characters. *sigh*

DhesiX said...

Since her blog hop im addicted to this!!

GFC ~ Andreana

Unknown said...

You forgot spank me! LOL!