Saturday, July 9, 2011

What makes a perfect hero


  Well. as you can see, it’s not just gentlemen who prefer blondes. The more blonde the better, although blonde eyebrows and eyelashes can be kind of off putting. Eye color is up for grabs, but a nice deep blue doesn’t hurt my feelings. Tall, yup, I just can’t get with an average or below size guy. (apply that where you will) No massive weightlifting physiques, because they eventually go to fat, and they’re usually steroid enhanced so, tiny in places where it’s important not to be tiny. Big hands are a must, as well as big feet, because a big guy with little feet is just too easy to knock down. A good ass is nice, but no jiggle…ick.  No man boobs or large nipples, that’s just gross. Defined abs and pelvic dip, but no blatant ribs, and I’m not a fan of massive body hair. Manscaping is definitely called for. So, physically we’re on track.

   Mid twenty’s to late thirty’s is a good age range. Intelligence is always required. A sense of humor is absolutely needed and preferably just a little dark, snarky and warped. A little kink is nice, although if they get to dominant, well I just might go ninja on their butt. Infidelity is a deal breaker, not to be tolerated in any shape, form or fashion, no matter the reason. A good hero has enormous respect for his heroine’s abilities and intelligence. He does not feel the need to instruct her at every turn. He is protective and possessive, but not insanely so. A good hero also doesn’t mind being tied up once in a while, or letting his heroine drive. He doesn’t have to be rich, but he does have to be ambitious to an extent and content in his field. He needs a strong moral and spiritual character, and needs to believe in something, even if it’s only himself. He should have more than one mood, nothing drastic, but somebody who is always serene or always depressed is just asking for a frying pan to the back of the head. No cowardly tendencies, ugh, I mean, I don’t want violence to be the first option, but don’t be afraid of a little physical persuasion should the occasion arise.  

  He must love animals. I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like animals, kids….not so much.  He should be open and vulnerable with his heroine. He should speak his mind, but not so much that he interrupts her. Oh, and a good deep baritone voice. Scientific studies have shown that men with deep voices have more testosterone than their higher pitched brethren. That’s why Sam Elliott is so damn sexy. I don’t mind tattoos, in fact a good one can be down right sexy, but not over all coverage. Not a huge fan of facial piercings, nipples are OK and fun. Love a man who’s not afraid to rock the kilt, and hats are OK (cowboy or ball) as long as they’re not hiding something. Not a fan of man jewelry, one ring, watch, maybe an ear ring, and a small chain or medallion. The Mr. T look does nothing for me. Men who wear sandals except at the beach…….hmmmm, not a good look. Ok, I think that’s my main list. If you have something you want to add, just leave a comment.


L.J. Kentowski said...

Nope, can't add anything except…you just described the man of my dreams…well except I really love the dark haired ones (shhhh…don't tell my husband - he's a blond!)

Fun post!

Sebella Blue said...

Thanks so much! I love getting comments from obviously highly intelligent people such as yourself. I'm not sure he exists, but I'm not through looking.

Nixie said...

I have to agree with most of your list there. I generally am drawn to dark haired men, like Mr. Ribbsaeter to the right there. lol But if blonde suits the man...mmm yum. Like Gannicus in Spartacus. *licks lips, snaps back to attention* Kickass post lol

Sebella Blue said...

I could make do with Gerard Butler in a pinch.