Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Lost: Sin Hunters, book 1 by Caridad Pineiro

Publisher: Hatchette Book Group                                                                                                     Published 8/01/2011
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Rating: Entree    

   Even though he was a handsome, single and wealthy business owner in the prime of his life, because of his uniqueness, with the exception of his adoptive father, Adam Bruno was very much alone. His first and only childhood memories are of fear, violence, and being pulled from his hiding place by CIA agent, Salvatore Bruno. It was shortly after, that Adam discovered his unique ability to harvest the life force energy from living things and assume their form. His power was growing and Adam was becoming restless and fearful of losing control. When a failed kidnapping attempt brings him in contact with the beautiful ex-Marine, Bobbie Carrera, he is both cautious and intrigued. Her energy is unlike any other he's encountered, yet hauntingly familiar. After barely escaping with her life from a  bomb blast in Iraq, Bobbie is trying to adjust to her crippling injuries, but Adam's touched has erased the pain. The two are reluctantly drawn to each other, but there are forces that are determined to keep them apart. It soon becomes clear, that no one is who they seem.

  The Lost is a stunningly different addition to the paranormal romance genre. It offers a distinctly unique  story line involving ancient peoples and shockingly enough a tutorial in electricity. What could have been dry and boring was made fascinating and compelling by Ms. Pineiro.  Adam was excellent hero material. Dark and damaged, but longing for a connection, he did have one butthead guy moment near the end, but he got over it.
It's everything that revolves around Adam that makes the story as good as it is. There are varying degrees of villain in The Lost. Some are truly evil and blackhearted, some are just in a tough position, and some aren't aware who the bad guys really are. It is a complicated ball of plot threads, but worth every second.

  Bobbie was much easier to understand. She wasn't a one dimensional character by any means, but her motives were more clear cut. She was also nice, because when Adam pulls his butthead stunt, I would have kicked him to the curb, luckily for the story, she didn't. Bobbie also has a large close-knit family for support, so this gives her a firm foundation to not be a loon. Bobbie finds out a few things along the journey that surprise her as well as the reader. Her family has some "splaining" to do, but it just all leads to the fact that some things are meant to be.

  Reading this book is a meaty endeavor. It is not light reading. As the flagship for a new series, there is a lot of information to be absorbed, but it has a big payoff. However, if you are a series slut like myself, I would definitely give this book a spin. I am definitely anticipating the next book.


Lauren B said...

Sounds really good. I'm adding it to my ever growing TBR.

Sebella Blue said...

It was a good find, and I think I'm going to have to get a separate address for my TBR piles. *sheesh*

Unknown said...

I was just on her blog yesterday ...Leanore had an interview piece there and I stopped by...haven't read any of her books yet