Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wolf Signs: Granite Lake Wolves, bk 1 by Vivian Arend–Why am I just now reading this series??


Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Published: 3/24/2009

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 Rating: Appetizer

 Robyn knew she was adopted, but she didn’t know her biological parents had been werewolves. When a childhood virus caused her to totally lose her hearing, her adoptive family decided she had suffered enough trauma. It wasn’t until a surprise guest barged in on her ski trip and claimed her as mate that she got her first clue.
 This is just the perfect little sexy read to tide you over until you’re ready for a full length novel. Charming funny characters, witty dialogue, and praise be, a heroine who isn’t an idiot.  I had not one complaint about Robyn and that is a rare occurrence indeed. I ran across this series quite by accident. I actually won it at Vivian Arend’s blog by asking the same question in the post title. Why haven’t I read this series yet? It is exactly the type of thing I look for. I did not frown or cuss at all when I read this. Do you realize how unusual that is? It was fun and easy, which is exactly what I needed in that point in time.

 The hero of the story, Keil (love that name) is a challenging alpha. Need I say more, yum. He teaches Robyn that she doesn’t have to hear to communicate with him (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Robyn and Keil are communicating all over the place and even though they are in Alaska, it is tres hot.  Feeling kind of grumpy, blue or just need something fun to spark your day. Try this book, it has way less calories than chocolate.

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And you can skip the guilt that you get after you eat the chocolate knowing its going straight to the hips!