Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heartsight by Kay Springsteen


Publisher: Astrea Press LLC.

Published: 2/27/2011

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Reviewer: Kati Lear

Rating:  5 out of 5

  On a secluded beach in North Carolina, three lonely people find hope in each other. Trish Evers is an artist and single mother, who has inherited her grandmother's Bed and Breakfast in a North Carolina coastal town. Though she must sell the house, she decides to bring her daughter to the beach for one last summer vacation in her childhood town. Bella is a six year old girl who has Down syndrome. Rejected by her father, Trish, is the only parent she's ever known. Bella likes to explore the beach and has a tendency to wander off. One day Bella goes exploring on her own, and Trish finds her in the company of an intriguing stranger. Dan Conway is a US Marine who had been born into a family of Marines. Now blind as a result of combat injuries and unable to "suit up", he feels he no longer has a purpose in life. He's come home to the beach, where he spends his days in solitude. Dan must learn to believe in himself, and to love life again, which he begins to do through his interactions with Bella and Trish. When a hurricaine strikes and Bella wanders off again, her only hope for rescue is Dan. Working within the cofines of his blindness, he must overcome his fear of failure and recall his training in order to search for the little girl and bring her to safety.

 I have so much to say about this book but most of it is about how much I love it! It is extremely amazingly written. I loved this book as soon as I heard what it was about, I was all for it. I started it and i found it difficult to stop when I needed to go to work.  I love the pot castles, they sound so cute, and the dynamics between the characters, the instant pull of them. Making them closer. It was amazing. There is so much chemistry and wow. I just....I'm speechless. This is an amazing romance novel! I want more!! I am so glad I got the honor to review this book! If it comes out in paperback, I'm buying it!!! i don't know what else to say, if you like romance but don't want the sex scenes, this is the book for you. it is so touching and the twists are beautiful. You know right away what characters you want to hate and those you just need to love. I could just gush about this book, but I think you would rather go buy it! Also it is a quick read. This book also brings a lot of perspective to things. OK! That's it, no more! I can't keep gushing aboutthis book I need to be stopped. Wait one more thing. Thank you Kate for asking me to review this book. It was truly amazing.

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Unknown said...

Is it like Lynn kurlands books Wendy? She writes an awesome romantic book with little or no sex...just story and they usually are incredibly cute!