Monday, September 12, 2011

Masked Monday Blog Follow

 The objective of Masked Mondays is 1) to make new friends; 2) share secrets about some books you've read; 3) discover new things about ourselves; and 4) find and visit other book blogs that share the same interests we have in books and make new friends along the way, as well as strengthen the friendships we already have.  We hope you will share and, most of all, have fun and a good laugh along the way!

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What book have you read and dreamt about, then had wished it never ended? What was your dream about, you naughty thang?

My answer: Hmmm. I dream about so many of the sexy heroes in my books, but the one who has the most starring appearances would have to be Lucian Roman from Laura Wright's Mark of the Vampire series. Luca has a streak of wicked and just the right amount of kink, and man, oh man, is that boy flexible. Alas, Luca has his own special lady now or it will be official in February of 2012, until then it's not really cheating. It is just a dream.

See what other blogs are saying. It promises to be VERY interesting!

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S,E,Rs Awesomness said...

I like that answer. I guess I never realized the cheating part, but then again they're fictional characters. THEY MAKE ME WANNA SLEEP ALL THE TIME! Lol!! Hehehehe.....:P

Thanks for participating!


Alyssa (Hesperia Loves Books) said...

I've never read this series, thanks alot for making me add yet more books to my TBR pile *grins*


Elena said...

Alyssa we're all gonna be old and wrinkly by the time we read and get to all the books we wanna read on our TBR's. Looks like we're gonna have a long life of swooning over Heroes Lol!

Sebella Blue said...

OMG! Alyssa you must read Laura's Mark of the Vampire series. Off the chart pantydropping at it's finest.
My TBR pile severely limits the time I get spend in dreamland, but sometimes awake is just as good.