Thursday, September 8, 2011

Storm’s Heart: The Elder Races, bk 2 by Thea Harrison


Publisher: Berkley

Published: 8/02/2011

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  Rating: Entrée


  Niniane(Tricks aka Thistle Periwinkle) wasn't having the best week. She had to leave her job as head of PR for Cuelebre Enterprises in New York. She was expected to take the throne as queen of the Dark Fae, after her boss Dragos killed her evil uncle and king, Urien. Urien had usurped her father's throne after brutally slaying her entire family and forcing Niniane to find sanctuary in the Wyr faction. Now in Chicago to meet with the Dark Fae delegation, she is the victim of an attempted assasination. Tiago, a warlord commander for the Wyr is going to protect Niniane whether she wants it or not, but first he has to catch her. That's a lot harder than you'd think.

 In a series, like Thea Harrison's Elder Races, the second book can sometimes be a let down. So, I was a teeny bit apprehensive when I started to read this book. Hah, what a waste of time. This book was SUPERB! Tiago is a Thunderbird shifter, and one sexy, bad dude. Alpha to the max, Tiago is a perfect match for the tiny Fae queen. The story moves at a fairly rapid pace and the story changes and twists are guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. We get to spend quite a bit of time with Rune ( a sexy blonde Gryphon) and Aryal( a take no guff Harpy), who were two of my favorite characters from Dragon Bound. We're also introduced to some new characters who show quite a bit of promise. especially from the vampyre faction.

 Ms. Harrison has such a talent with the dialogue of her character's. I never know what to expect. She doesn't skimp on the snark and attitude, which makes her a goddess in my estimation. She also has a gifted hand with the more erotic portions of her books. Whew! She can make your palms sweat. Tiago, for all his ancient age, had quite the turn of a modern phrase, and was quite adept with his usage of modern sexual vernacular. In otherwords, my boy could flat out do the dirty talk.
Loved it! Tricks was no slouch in the bedroom either, evidently the Fae are VERY flexible. *snort* It's not all rolls and romps, though. There are some very somber occurrences, so be prepared. No spoilers, but things went down that I DID NOT see coming. I am positively dying for Runes book to come out. It's the next book in this awesome squared series, and one I will definitely have on pre-order. Kudos to you Thea Harrison for a great job.


Unknown said...

Looks like I have to move this one up on my TBL list, I really liked the first one, but I wasn't to excited about Trick's character, that's the bad part about audiobooks, the narrator interpretation of this character wasn't the best, she sounded like an empty-headed valley girl.
Great review!

Sebella Blue said...

She reads much better in this book. I was like you about her character in DB, but she pulls on her big girl panties. She is still a Fae queen diva, though.

Amber Hughes said...

Great review! I loved this book and Thea has become one of my new favorite authors. Can't wait to read Rune's book! :-)

Sebella Blue said...

I know! I have a thing for big blondes, so Rune is perfect. I am sweating the days to his book.

Amber Hughes said...

I just know his story is going to be gooooood.....:-)

Unknown said...

We have that in common my sister...I love big blonds!