Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Craved: The Gwen Sparks series, #1 by Stephanie Nelson

Publisher: Self

Published: 7/25/2011

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Rating:  Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

Scary teddyScary teddy

Gwen Sparks was just like any other citizen who lived in Flora, she had a less than glamorous job as a shop owner, lived with her BFF, Fiona,  in a borderline shabby apartment, and was recovering from being dumped by her boyfriend Micah, and just like the other citizens with there normal lives full of highs and lows, she wasn’t quite human. Gwen was in fact a witch in a town made up of vampires, witches, weres, fairies, and other assorted supernatural beings. Now, witches are turning up dead and drained. Gwen turns to the two men in her life to solve the mystery, Micah, the ex who dumped her because she wasn’t a were, and Aiden, the vampire who has waited for two years to claim Gwen. 

 Usually I have problems with books written entirely in first person POV's. Craved, not so much. It helped that I totally liked Gwen Sparks. She was smart, independent and very powerful in her own right. I wasn't too thrilled with her choice of BFF's, Fiona reminded me of Paris Hilton, but I adapted. I loooooved the hero of this book, Aiden. A vampire, who has patiently waited throughout Gwen's failed relationship and her recovery period to finally swoop in and claim his heart's desire, all the while declaring his intent in front of any within hearing range.....*sigh* You gotta appreciate that kind of stamina and dedication.

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