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Giveaway - Dreams and Curses by Jacqueline Paige


Publisher: Self

Published: 9/12/2011

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Rating:  Salad


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In Our Dream – Jennah Best is an officer with the town police force. She does mostly desk work and a few transports. She meets Dominic in her dreams and at first thinks it’s just a pleasant escape, but when he starts having conversations with her during work hours, that’s a little beyond the pale. Not only is Dominic real, he’s in Wyestate prison on an undercover investigation. His contact has disappeared and he’s in serious trouble. Jenna has to put her doubts aside in order to save Dom’s life and give them both a chance at a future.

From A Dream –  With Dom still on medical leave from his last undercover assignment, He and Jennah have been able to spend some quality time together. So much so that Dom is about to propose. His plans are put on hold when the ex-warden from Wyestate and his henchman kidnap Jennah and hold her hostage.

After The Dream - A new law enforcement team has been formed with Dom, Jennah, Tess, Brody, Smithy and a few others with preternatural abilities. Tess can teleport short distances and although Brody claims he has no abilities, he keeps the side effects to a minimum with the other members. He's like human valium, not exactly what he wants to be with Tess.

I loved the way this book went through a progression of  connected stories. The writing was sharp and intelligent with just enough spice to steam up the pages. By the end of the book I was well acquainted and very fond of the characters. I enjoyed the romantic suspense theme sprinkled with some unique supernatural abilities, kind of like an adult version of the Justice League (without the spandex costumes). I was also glad to see a little younger man, older woman action going on. Each story could be read as an entirely satisfying stand alone, but combined they became something really special, because I got to see what happened after the initial happy ending. Great job.


Publisher: Self

Published: 10/18/2011

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Rating: Salad


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

Scary teddyScary teddyScary teddy

Behind the Mask – Grace is cursed by her jealous sister to remain forgotten and indistinct to everyone except for the 24 hours of Samhain. Evan has always remembered her and sees her for the woman she is. He just has to convince her that all is not lost and they can find a way to break the curse.

This Ring – Emma had fled to the small secluded cabin to nurse a broken heart and decide on the path her future should take. Bryce has been cursed for almost 40 years to wander the mists of the lake being unseen and unheard until Emma. Now they have to find out why Emma was the catalyst for his brief periods of visibility and how to make it permanent.

These two stories were not connected in any way and reminded of sexy fairy tales. The first story I cackled at because the villain gets bumped off before the end of the first chapter. I love swift justice. The rest of the story is about growth and keeping hope alive in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. It was a very sweet story with a LOT of heat. I wanted to stand up and cheer in the second story, because we in essence have a role reversal where the fairy tale princess saves the prince. Yay!!! Both stories were well executed and made for an enjoyable time. This was the lighter (and I mean that in a less tension filled way) of the two books, and had a less gritty feel to it. I definitely think they were worth the time invested and would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Paige's works.


Alisia said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jana said...

Thank you for the chance to win!

Jacqueline Paige said...

Thanks so much for having me here today! I enjoyed doing the interview ... and of course adding a pic of Eric in there was an extra bonus! *drool*

Thanks for stopping by Kitty and Jeanne - good luck in the draw!

Mary Preston said...

Thank you for your generous giveaway. I have my fingers crossed!!


Jacqueline Paige said...

Good luck Marybelle!

Anne said...

It's interesting, it seems from the post that Dreams consists of three novellas about the same main characters. Where they originally meant to be published separately? if not, why weren't the stories combined to make a full length novel on it's own? (Just curious.)

Sebella Blue said...

Hey Anne, thanks for the question. In Dreams the characters are all connected but it's at different points in their lives and the last story centers around Tess and Brody, although Jennah and Dom are definitely players.

Jacqueline Paige said...

Hey Anne,

Sorry it took me so long to answer (I was pretending to work while at work).

The first two stories in Dreams were out in eformat as separate Novella's. The first was christmas themed and second Valentines day - so that's why they were separate.
When their contracts were up I decided to finally do something with Brody and Tess's story and put them all together.

Does that cover it?

Shedevil is also correct, they are all different times and different points so smushing it together as one probably would have made less sense.


Mary @SweepingMe said...

I love that the stories interconnect! Thanks for the chance to win!

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Jacqueline Paige said...

Good luck, Mary!