Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview with Author Avery Flynn


Let’s give a warm welcome to  our featured author of the day, the saucy and sassy Avery Flynn.

Avery Flynn, the author of UP a Dry Creek, grew up in a small Nebraska town, and now lives just outside Washington, D.C. with her dashing husband, three crazy kids and two arthritic dogs. Up a Dry Creek is her first published novel and the debut title for her Dry Creek series. 

The name Avery Flynn is a pen name for an author who prefers to remain behind the scenes, and let her alter ego, the fabulous and way cooler Avery claim the spotlight. Avery drinks single malt scotch on the rocks, loves the Argentinean tango, and stays at Iceland’s Ice Hotel.

We were lucky enough to entice Avery to answer a few questions and she  even lets her other half answer a few.

Have you always wanted to be an author?
I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I write so much every day that I’ve worn several letters off my laptop keyboard.

Who are your literary inspirations?
I love the humor in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books. I love the dark energy in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake novels. And Truman Capote’s  In True Blood gave me chills. Those three authors and many others inspire me.

Can you completely separate yourself from your characters?
All except for the villains, they seem so much like me in so many ways. Winking smileAll kidding aside, my characters are just that – characters. We may have a few things in common, but  they are fully formed human beings who happen to be figments of my imagination.

Have you gotten writer’s block?
Ugh! The cursed writer’s block. I have battled this horrid foe with buckets of mocha lattes and Almond Joys. That always seems to help. Of course, then I’m battling to close my jeans, so some days I just go to the movies.

Do you find it easier to write heroes or heroines?
I have to go with heroines because I can identify with the woman’s point of view. When I’m writing my heroes, I’m usually hitting up guys I know about what they would think, feel, act in a given situation.

What’s in your TBR pile?
My pile is huge right now. I can’t stop going to Borders and grabbing up all the closeout specials. Right now I’m reading Cardinal Sin  by Allison Brennan and read  Do Well by Simon Pegg.

Can you tell us a little about future works?
Sure! I’m putting the finishing touches on  A Dry Creek Bed, book two in the Dry Creek series. This one is about Beth , her romance with one of the Layton brothers, and her battle against a greedy land developer trying to force her to sell her dead grandparents’ land. Just when she thinks she’s figured it all out, it all goes to hell in a handbasket, like any good romantic suspense.

What’s the most satisfying aspect of being a writer?
The most satisfying is having the characters come to life on the page. It’s so nice to get them out of my head and into the public domain.

The most frustrating?
When a scene just won’t come together and I’ve developed a bruise on my forehead from banging it against my desk.

*snort* I was just picturing how well a purple bruise would complement the blue hair.
What would you like to say to reviewers about to read your book?
I’d like them to have the same experience I hope for any readers – enjoy the ride.

If you could spend a week as a literary heroine ,who would it be?
I’m going with Sookie Stackhouse. Eric, Alcide and Sam…….Need I say more?
*hee-hee"* Nobody ever wants Bill.

          Flames * Rapid Fires*    Flames

  • Cat or Dog?   Dogs, without a doubt

  • Morning or Night?   Night. I only do  mornings with lots of coffee.

  • Sweet or Savory?   Sweet. Mmmmmm chocolate.

  • Comfort or Fashion?   Fashion. Clothes are like daily armor – but it comes in more colors than silver.

  • Sports car or Harley?   Sports car. I’m pasty white and road rash just doesn’t go with that.

  • Ocean or Mountain?    Ocean. Bring on the heat.

  • Top or bottom?   Top. Was there ever any question?

And finally, the MOST important question you will ever be asked in your entire life…………..
  • Duke or carolina ?   Ha Ha Ha. My husband is a former sports writer who used to cover both, but I know barely anything about either. What is that cheer that if you can’t go to State, go to jail? (Ducks from flying objects hurled from offended parties.)

No hurled objects, I’m always down with the Wolfpackers. Open-mouthed smile

You can contact Avery Flynn and learn more about her Dry Creek series at the links below.



Avery Flynn said...

These questions were so much fun to answer. Thanks for having me!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Great interview! I love the road rash comment!

Jennifer said...

I love the hair.

Cute interview, thanks.

Love the name Avery!