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Amber’s Muse by Lacey Wolfe


Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Published: 10/17/2011

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Rating: Snack

Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

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  Amber was having a difficult time launching her career as an erotic novelist off the ground. She didn’t have the experience necessary to write a believably hot sex scene. Oh. she’d had sex, just not “scream the paint off the walls” really good sex. She needed to do some hands on research, and who better than her neighbor, Jax. Jax had made it more than clear he was interested, and she probably would have considered his suit if he wasn’t  broke and struggling to make ends meet all the time.

  Oh, Jax… Faint heart never won fair maiden, and empty wallet wasn’t dropping Amber’s panties. (not for the long run, anyway) Luckily, my boy did have skills in a different area. The *ahem* female physiology area. I liked Jax, he was a sweetie, just not loaded down with ambition. For a woman with goals, ambitions are a must in a potential mate. I’m not even talking mucho dinero here, just a plan, and that doesn’t even have to be carved in stone, it could be a nebulous idea, but it has to be some form of path for the future. Jax was content to just bounce along, until Amber.

This was an uber-sexy quick read that made me smile, then pant, then laugh, then pant some more, and finally go awwwww. Amber was my kind of woman. She was smart, liked dogs, had her head on straight about her priorities, and when she ran into obstacles, she conquered them. In other words, she was a grown up. She wasn’t squeamish about what she wanted or expected. Yay!! She could also put her foot down like nobody’s business. Jax might still have the shoe print on his butt. She wasn’t hardhearted though, she was just focused. She realized it doesn’t have to be this or that, if you compromise and talk things through you can have it all. Kudos on a job well done.


After reading that tasty little tale, I had some questions, and the gracious Lacey Wolfe has agreed to lend me Jax for a bit. This should be fun.

Welcome, Jax. I know you just started a new job and are keeping late hours, so I’ll try to make this as quick and painless as possible.

If Amber hadn’t come up with her rather convenient “research” method, how long would you have waited before you put the “big push” into effect?
That is a very good question. *scratches head* If she hadn’t come to me, I was hoping Moxy the dog would be my ticket in.images With Moxy barking all day, the dog was needing attention. Taking care of Moxy would have helped us get to know one another better. And if that didn’t work, I might have been forced to just push her against a wall and kiss her.

How are you settling into a “grown up” job?
*chuckles* It’s a change. I’m not crazy about the graveyard shift. I sleep while Amber works and vice versa. But we get a few hours together in the evening usually. She’s writing a new book so I’m helping her with research again.
And I know how you just “hate” the research……Winking smile

I know you love Amber, but has your pride recovered from the smack she gave it?
Oh yes, 100%. When I look back, I see how I came across, I was so laid back, I didn’t look like husband material. Amber is an organized freak. (she’s going to get me for saying that Angel ) As much as she has helped me grow, I’ve helped her to let things go. These days she’s having a little more fun.

Has she dedicated the book to you? (Because she soooo should)
Oh yes and she better for each one to come. It’s a lot of work helping her with her fantasies.
Yes, I can see where that would be very taxing for you. You poor, poor, man! Facebook smileys

How's Moxy adapting?
Moxy is well. Amber and I have recently moved in together since my lease ended.
We thought about taking her out of doggy daycare, since someone is usually there. However, she is so attached to Bruno the lab, there is no way we could do that. Plus, Moxy isn't crazy about sharing the bed with me. I'm still winning her over.

What's in the stars now for Amber and yourself?
Like I mentioned, we just moved in together. It’s going very well. I’ve been day dreaming lately about the perfect way to propose.

                Flames**** Rapid Fires **** Flames

1. Beer or Wine?  Beer


3. Naughty schoolgirl or slutty vamp?  Naughty schoolgirl

4. T or A ?  T

5. Boxers or Briefs?  Briefs

6. Three things you couldn’t live without?  Take-out, pajama pants, and Amber.

And the MOST important question I ever ask anyone…..

DUKE or carolina ?

Duke EM Cheerleaders

Thank you soooo much for sharing and being such a delicious sweetie! And may I jusate for the record that I was VERY impressed by your *cough* accomplishments.
Thank you for having me, I enjoyed it!
*sigh* If only…..

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Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Great review and the interview had me giggling! I will ck out this book :)

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This was hysterical both what the book is about and the interview.

Thanks for posting!

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Thank you for the great review. It really made my day. And the smiley's in the interview, totally awesome!

Thanks for having me!

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Thanks for letting me be part of your tour Lacey. It was fun!

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I really enjoyed reading this post. Great job!