Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway– Legacy: The Niteclif Evolutions by Denise Tompkins

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Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Published:  October 18, 2011

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Having recently lost both parents, Madeleine Niteclif was searching for connections and for some unknown reason she felt a compulsion to travel to the United Kingdom and visit the famed stone circle of Stonehenge. It’s in this famed and mystical circle that her life takes a turn towards the magical. She is thrust into a world of dragons, fairies, vampires and other supposed mythical beings. She is also told that she is to be the supreme law of this supernatural world. It is her duty as the Niteclif, a calling handed down through genetics that must be heeded. She is not in this alone however, Bahlin Drago, a dragon shifter and High Council member and Tarreck, First Prince of Fairy are both eager to lend their assistance in whatever capacity Maddy desires. As her first duty, Maddy must find the culprit behind the recent murders in this magical realm and failure to do so means death. She has to learn quickly that her trust is not always well placed, and since her word is law, Maddy has to be certain she gets it right the first time.

The Niteclif Evolutions offers up a refreshingly unique concept into the paranormal romance genre. This book threw surprises at me right and left, and caused me to reevaluate some long held likes and dislikes. If you like a good 'who dunnit' mystery, you need to jump on board and get this book. Even after the culprit was revealed there were still " Say, WHAT?!?" moments. Told in first person point of view from Maddy's perspective , the reader takes the harrowing journey from grieving human to super cop of the supernatural world right along with the wonderfully snarky heroine. Legacy combines, Celtic and Norse legend together with Sherlock Holmes in a brilliantly executed story that makes total sense. Who'd think of that? Evidently Denise Tompkins. She also throws in some compelling characters full of energy, humor and a smidgen of lust.

Poor Maddy stands up well against these fearsome creatures of myth. Keeping her wits about her, she wields her sharp tongue like the deadliest of blades as she untangles the myriad threats of deceit and treachery surrounding her in this strange land. I can't wait to see what happens next to this fledgling sleuth and her hunky sidekick. There is still a prophecy hanging over their heads and Maddy has made some nasty enemies in her short time on the job. It promises trouble for Maddy, but a good book for us.   

For a chance to win an e-book copy of Legacy, leave a comment on this post with your e-mail addy telling me what mythical creature you would prefer to be.


Kelly said...

I would prefer to be a dragon. Actually, a water dragon.

Thanks for another great giveaway!

Jel said...

are faeries mythical? ive always wanted to be one. or maybe a unicorn ;)

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Jel said...

are faeries mythical? ive always wanted to be one. or maybe a unicorn ;)

punkme15 at gmail dot com

LadyVampire2u said...

Well, I have to go with vampires for obvious reasons. lol But this series sounds awesome. I am definitely interested in this book after reading your great review of it. Thanks!

LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

Christina @ Biblio Thoughts said...

I think I'd want to either be a shapeshifter or a faerie.

DANIELA said...

I guess I'd like to be a vampire. That should be interesting.

Thanks for the giveaway!

dany7578 at hotmail dot com

I Am Me said...

I think I'd like to be a fairy!

Denise said...

Thank you so much for the comments! And thank you, Blue Shedevil, for the awesome review of Legacy. I was thrilled you *got* the book -- I did a happy dance. No, not professional but definitely sincere. :) Thank you so much for hosting me on your site!


Anne said...

This book sounds really interesting especially since I'm a big mystery lover as well as UF and PR.

I'd like to be a feline shifter.

Mary @SweepingMe said...

I think I would like to be a fairy. I just started reading some books with them in it and I love it!

mary_reiss @

latishajean said...

I would have to go with vampires my favorite! This sounds like a great book would love to read it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Yto said...

i would love to be a shapeshifter ^^

witchvela at web dot de

Jessica said...

I always thought it would be cool to be a fairy, and not one of the fuzzy bunny Tinker Bell Fairies either. Thank you for the giveaway!

jbronderblogs at aol dot com