Thursday, November 3, 2011

Giveaway of Blue Blood for Life: My Blood Runs Blue, #2 by Stacy Eaton

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Published: 9/30/2011

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Rating: Entrée


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Kristin had only recently found out that she was half vampire, that this was not her first go round in the game of life, and that she was once mated to Julian, with whom she had shared a daughter. That was until she and the daughter were murdered by Julian’s son. Now she is with the vampire she originally fell in love with, Alex. Only Alex is pushing for a child and is not very understanding of her dedication to police work. He tolerates it, but is waiting for her to make the next step in their journey as mates. Fate has other plans for these two. On his way to talk to Kristin, Alex is kidnapped. It’s up to Kristin, Julian and a few others to find him. Trent has been sent with Julian to ensure Kristin’s well being and there’s something that Kristin had not counted on happening. She develops feelings for Trent unlike any she’s ever had before. She knows she belongs with Alex, but the pull she feels for Trent keeps getting stronger.

  Though not usually a fan of books written in first person, I must tip my hat to Stacy Eaton, the way she blended so many points of view from the characters made this book a truly unique joy to read. Kristin the heroine is a fine example of what a heroine should be, strong, intelligent, fiercely independent and confident in her abilities. Alex, while he was a good hero was just a tad domineering for my taste. Luckily there was an abundance of testosterone laden hunks to choose from so I was quite happy with the selection. While the characters were engaging and detailed, in Blue Blood for Life, the story is the selling point. Riveting, gritty, and very emotional, there are few straight lines in this plot arc. Just when you think you have a scenario down pat, it flips on you. The only thing that remained the same was the incredible quality of the writing. This was also, surprisingly a very sensual book. It is a rare book that can combine sensuality and a dark drama as well as Blue Blood for Life.  I was so tickled with the ending of this book, for awhile I was very nervous, because in the first book, My Blood Runs Blue, I would have ended it differently. It was an excellent book, but I was and still am a fan of Julian. (although Trent is a sweetie as well). I think fans of the Anita Blake series, would kill for this book. I think any fan of a good PNR with some serious crime drama thrown in would love this book. I loved this book, but I really, really need to see more of Julian. Good job Ms. Eaton and well done.


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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for having me back! I am so glad that you enjoyed book 2! And... Yes - Jules will be back with a vengeance! (in a good way)

Jolene and Family said...

I think it depends on the flow of the story. For the most part, I love my heroines to be independent and strong willed, able to take care of themselves. I also like a little vulnerability. Strong, tough and able to go toe to toe with the sexy tough hero :)


The Cowboy and Vampire said...

Good review. Thanks. We like our heroines tough, smart and irritated by stupid people!

Anne said...

I like a strong heroine who knows what she wants and does what needs to be done. A little whining is ok, but once she settles on a course of action she does it.

Unknown said...

Thank you guys for your comments! I think Kristin is about all of those. She is a strong person - she fights for what she believes in and while she is strong, she knows deep inside that she needs people. Thank you again for visiting!