Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Blake Harrison from Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee

Catherine tour

Hello and welcome to Blake Harrison. I really appreciate your taking the time to talk with us today. Especially since I know you don’t like spending time away from Samantha right now, *wink, wink* so we’ll make this a quickie and as painless as possible.

Have you made peace for with your father’s death and his posthumous machinations?
My father was an ass! Ultimately, he was responsible for my quest for a wife and in turn finding Sam. Kind of makes it hard to hate the man.

Looking back, what would you change about your beginnings with Sam?
* glances over shoulder * I should have forced her to live in my home from the beginning. Have you seen the dump she lived in? Well, so okay, the house wasn’t so bad, but the neighborhood…..

Since reading your book, this one thought has been driving me crazy. Sooooo, I’m just going to throw it out there. Seriously…… Vanessa?!? She was undoubtedly gorgeous, but she positively REEKED of bad mojo. What were you thinking?
With my …. never mind. Let’s just say that before Sam, I never dated with tomorrow in mind. Vanessa seemed to want the same meaningless relationship I wanted in the beginning. That changed.
I’ll say! I was seriously waiting for the “bunny in the pot” moment.

Please tell me the press ate her alive after she was exposed.
* tilts head back with a sly smile *  She’ll have a hard time finding a date in prison. Then again, Sam’s father is single. *shakes head* Forget I said that. Yeah, the headlines did a wonderful job of referring to her as the evil witch to Samantha’s “Cinderella”. Sam’s natural charm and grace made Vanessa’s venom that much stronger for people to see.

How is Samantha handling the situation?
After the trial, Samantha told me she felt sorry for Vanessa. She also told me she’d kick the woman’s ass if she ever showed up at her door again.

When did you finally admit to yourself that you wanted Samantha permanently?
Samantha had me the day we were packing her things to move. I kept thinking….. She’s not moving back here. Ever!

Awwwww. How has your new marriage impacted your life?
Before Sam, I thought I had it all… hell, I did have it all. Money, a title, friends. Then she showed up and I realized I didn’t have anything. Yeah, I still had the same job, the same friends, money, but now I have someone to share it with. She’s a part of me now.

I’m glad you got your VERY happy ending and I really enjoyed reading your story. Thank you again for stopping by and tell Samantha I said “Well done”.
I will. Do you want to see a picture of our son? He has Sam’s eyes.


               Flames **** Rapid Fires **** Flames

1.  Cheerleaders or Bad girls?   Bad girls

2. Morning or Night?   Morning

3. Beer or Whiskey?   Whiskey

4. Football or Baseball?   Football

5. Beach or Mountains?   Beach

6. Cat or Dog?   Dog

7. T or A?   Both

8. Honky Tonk or Jazz club?   Jazz club

And the Most important question I ever ask anyone…….
 DUKE or carolina?

Have you forgotten my title? Duke……

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Thank you for hosting Blaie and Catherine today. Great interview.