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Interview/Review - Blood of Anteros: The Vampire Agápe Series, #1 by Georgia Cates

Please welcome new author Georgia Cates to our hallowed but irreverent site. Georgia is a labor and delivery nurse as well a wife and mother to two daughters. She is also the author of the The Vampire Agápe series.

You were a nurse who decided to wade into the literary pond. How did this new ambition transpire?
I have always had a love for reading, but I allowed my favorite pastime to get away from me. In my early twenties, I became a nurse, then a new wife, and finally mother to two wonderful little girls. My life became hectic, as all working mothers know. As my girls became more independent, I felt like I was finally getting my life back and I returned to my love of reading. So many paranormal romance novels have teen characters I can’t relate to or full on erotica, which I am not interested in either. After reading lots of duds, I decided to write what I considered my perfect paranormal romance novel and I haven’t looked back.

What are three things readers should know about your book?
1) Blood of Anteros is first person from Curry’s POV. This is a rare find and a challenge to write authentically from a male’s POV when I am so feminine brained, but let’s face it. We live for those sweet endearing, or even hot as hell, statements spoken by the male character in what we’re reading. In reality, how many men are really going to say what he thinks? Not many, so I thought it would be awesome to get to fell his emotions through his thoughts instead of hearing an interpretation from the female POV or a third person.
2) Very few things are random in Blood of Anteros and if it happened, there is a reason that will be revealed later, possibly in another book. I love it when a reader finally puts the pieces together to see it as a whole and thinks “WOW! I didn’t see that coming.”
*I had quite a few of those epiphanies*  
3) My intentions were very specific for Blood od Anteros. So many books tell you a story, and you’re thinking, “But what else would it do?”. I was very specific in using descriptive words, causing the reader to use all senses in experiencing and feeling the story. It’s no coincidence that when Curry walks into the house for the first time, he describes what he smells. The scents of warm flour, sugar and apples invite him into the house that he once called home. He senses things humans don’t, so his description of events are different.

I loved the first person format (which is a big anomaly for me) from Curry’s POV. Is this something that is going to continue in future books?
The next book in The Vampire Agápe series will definitely be from Curry’s POV. I couldn’t abandon it now if I wanted because I’m completely fascinated with Curry and his selfless love for Chansey. I plan to stick with the male POV for this series, but I suspect this will eventually shift to a different character.

What is your typical daily writing routine or do you have one?
I have a routine, but unfortunately, it is not daily. When I have the opportunity to write, it will always include music. It inspires me and I see a “scene” as it plays out in my head. I use my Shuffle and headphones when I do household work and it’s amazing how the music leads me to feel emotions for my characters.

I start by making an outline and as ideas pop in, I add them accordingly. I have Book 2 written in my head, I just need to get it down.
There are days I am just not able to sit down and write. It breaks my heart because I want to do it everyday, but sometimes life prevents it.  When life gets in the way, I still brainstorm. I carry a small notebook with me at all times and  random incidents spark an idea.

So far you’ve been getting some really great reviews, but there is a always a nasty review just waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting author.  How do you handle the nasty ones or do you read your reviews?
I always read my reviews and I have been lucky so far. I have had a couple of low ball ratings, but no nasty reviews. I realize they’re coming because a writer can’t please a huge population of readers with one book, but I try to look at it as constructive criticism. I definitely want to know if there is something my readers don’t like. I’m confident in my writing. I know my story is great, so they’re not going to get me down, and criticism only makes me want to write better for the next book.

What can you tell us about the next book in The Vampire Agápe series?
Book 2 is currently untitled. I have an idea but I’m not ready to commit. As mentioned earlier, it too, is from Curry’s point of view. Of course, it is a continuation of Curry and Chansey’s complex relationship. new characters, both loveable and hateable, will be introduced. New conflicts will arise and a new mystery will present itself with an impossible decision to be made.

            Flames**** Rapid Fires **** Flames

1. Bikini or One piece?    Two piece, but never a bikini

2. Saint or Sinner?    Sinner. That’s the way God made me.

3. Favorite song that would make you die if anyone knew you liked it?   If I tell you, then I’ll die. I’m not ready to go down like that. Well, … okay “Hot Rod Lincoln” It reminds me of my dad. He’s a Lincoln man.


4. Favorite TV show?   Don’t have one because I don’t watch television. We don’t have cable or a satellite. I only get about 6 local channels. What can I say? I’d rather read.

5. Three things you would take to a desert island?
   1) Fishing supplies so I might eat well while I’m there.
  2) Plenty of paper and pencils so I could write the best novel ever without distraction.
  3) Some type of communication device so I could call someone to pick me up when I felt refreshed from my time alone.

6. Three people (alive or dead, real or fictional) that you would like to have over for dinner?
  1) Hester Prynne – She Rocks!
2) Justin Furstenfeld, lead vocalist for Blue October – I totally dig them, and although I’ve met Justin three times, I would love to pick his brain. He’s an interesting man with some interesting stories to tell.
3) Cleopatra – just because….


Very eclectic mix. Should be some interesting conversations with this group. ( FYI, I looooooove Blue October)

And the MOST important question I ever ask anyone….

DUKE or carolina ?

I’m going with DUKE since it’s bold and all caps.

Smart lady, we LIKE her……Open-mouthed smile

For more information on Georgia Cates and her books, click on the links listed below.

Author Website

Publisher: Self

Published: 9/21/2011

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Rating: Salad


Curry Brennan intended to end his cursed life and escape the enslavement of the cruel vampiress who brought the forced change upon him over 150 years ago. Instead of death though, Curry has found favor with an ancient God and has been granted an Agápe. A woman created to love him without hesitation and judgement. Chansey LeClaire feels the pull towards her grandparents new boarder and he seems too good to be true, but can she afford to become involved with someone when she’s being stalked by a mentally unstable ex?

Ms. Cates has added a great legend to the vampire mystique,the legend of Anteros and the Agápe. Now, you know me better than to think I'm going to tell you what that is or what it's ramifications are, but trust me they are significant. This book is written entirely from Curry's perspective and I couldn't have been happier about that. I always am much more interested in what the men are thinking or feeling. What really caught me by surprise and something I didn't even realize until almost the very end of the book is that there are literally no curse words. I did notice there was no sex, but Curry is an old fashion kind of guy. Not that Chansey didn't give it the old college try, but he wasn't budging. Nor was there any guts and gore, it was actually all about the story, with no shock tactics.

I enjoyed the story, and even though I am not going to revert to being a cleaned up version of myself, I wouldn't hesitate to read more of Georgia Cates new series. Even though I spent a few lines telling you what wasn't in the book, let me tell you what was. Some really interesting and off beat good vamps, a really nasty
ho vamp, some decent humans, and a few not-so-decent humans,and one psychotic meat puppet. They were all tied together in a well written, thoughtful, intelligent sweet paranormal romance without all the YA drama and angst (although Curry did attempt the angst angle). This is a book you could read over the holidays with relatives and kids around without fearing someone might think you're a perv. (my family knows I'm a perv, so they expect it)

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