Friday, November 25, 2011

Lord of the Abyss: Royal House of Shadows, #4 by Nalini Singh


Publisher: Harlequin

Published: 11/22/2011

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Rating: Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

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So we have returned to the kingdom of Elden, still under the control of the Blood Sorcerer. We have read the stories of the royal siblings, Nicholai, Dayn and Breena and met their chosen mates. Now we turn to the youngest of the brood, the much beloved Micah. The kingdom’s fate hangs on his story.

Micah’s memory has been bespelled by the Blood Sorcerer and he remembers nothing from his childhood. His life began when he became the Lord of the Black Castle, gateway to the Abyss. The realm where souls of the damned spend eternity in unceasing torment. Liliana is a misshapen unsightly young woman, but as daughter to the Blood Sorcerer, she is a powerful blood mage. Despite her fathers attempts to break her, she is still pure of heart and soul and determined to end her father’s reign of terror by restoring the royal siblings to Elden. Thus begins the end of our tale.

Perfect, perfect, perfect!!! A better fairytale can not be found. It had everything, the handsome prince, the evil villain, magic, and a heroine who absolutely rocked. Liliana was a great undated version of the fairytale princess. She was very proactive and took her fate and the fate of the kingdom of Elden into her own hands, and did all this while being rabid fugly. Of course, she was sweet, honest and brave, so Micah of course was intrigued when she didn't quake in fear at his awesome self. Micah's character was written perfectly. Although he was feared throughout the land, with Lily, he was learning to play (sometimes very adult games). He had a childlike quality. Sometimes sweet, sometimes demanding attention and throwing a bit of a tantrum, but still sexy as all get out. Lily helps Micah access his childhood by telling him stories of the magical kingdom of Elden. It was a great ploy and puts the reader back in touch with the previous books and characters. I am sad to see the completion of the tale and I feel confident in saying I will be a repeat visitor to Elden and The Royal House of Shadows.

This entire series was a great collection of fairytales. I feel extremely honored to have been able to take a tiny part in spreading the word.


Unknown said...

Sounds really good, I hope the audio comes out in the next few days.

Sophia Rose said...

This sounds so good. I like that the heroine is not a perfect beauty.