Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meet Victor Payne–King of BEASTS

Known as the Hurt Legend, he is a cop who will track you down…..

The man, who held him in a steel-like grip, stood on long legs in a staunch. unrelenting stance, at well over six and a half feet of hard brawn – a truly unrelenting, brick laden physique. Dark russet hair crowned his head as his flinty dark eyes stared at Benny from a ruggedly handsome face, which currently wore an amused expression.

Benny blinked rapidly as he shook in the man’s one-handed grasp. Victor Payne. A fearful shudder rolled through him while he peered up at the tall cop.

A malicious glint blazed from his eyes while he glared at Benny. “So, you thought you were going to die, eh?” His cold smile widened at him.

Benny swallowed. “--- I think my ribs are broke and my arm ---“ He winced as his body rose higher in the wet, smoke coated air.

“And to think, I wanted that particular pleasure,” Victor growled low.

Benny anxiously looked around as he hung aloft. “You ain’t gonna finish me off,  are ya?” He heard the cold laugh again while his body swung around and was unceremoniously deposited into a backseat. The car door slammed shut as he slumped down onto the cool inviting leather.

“And don’t bleed on my seats, or I’ll fucking bleed the rest of you out!” Payne warned from the front seat.
He partners with Valentine, a by the book cop and the explosions have nothing to do with their weapons ……..

Victor stepped up to knock on the glass door. It swung open and he found himself gazing into the bluest eyes he’d ever seen.  He blinked and took a deliberate step back to take a long, slow gander over the rest of Miss Blue Eyes.

Her soft dark hair was neatly was neatly tucked back with clips. Her mouth consisted of a full pouty pair of lips, touched with a slight rosy tinge.

He dropped his interested gaze further down to see she wore a white blouse, which encased full breasts, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. A shapely, tapered waist accented her neat dark slacks, which he surely envied as they hugged some appealingly curvy hips.

“Are you done?” Her soft voice vibrated at him with cold sarcasm.

“Nope, I’m still taking you in.” An amused smile spread across his lips.

Her cheeks flamed with color. “You’re gonna be taking in a fist if you ---“

“Valentine!” A gruff voice from inside the office cut her threat short “Just leave it and come back in about five, okay?”

“Yes, sir” she glared at Victor and primly stepped back to let him pass.

Victor winked at her while moving past her. “Maybe I can look at you some more, later on?”

She slammed the door in his face.

     Then the Hurt Legend gives more than just … Pain

Valentine let out a shuddering whimper.

"Did you say something?"

She shook her head, speech becoming impossible as she trembled from the inner stroking.

"You want me to stop?" He raised her hips.

As though she were stricken mute, she panted harder and shook her head.

Victor shoved her down on him again.

"Ahh," the unexpected acclamation came from her throat.

He raised her again "Is that a yes?" he purred seductively to her ear.

She shivered uncontrollably.

"Tell me what you want," he urged.

"I can't," she gasped out.

Victor lifted her completely from his cock. The wonderful satisfying fullness left her, and she urgently struggled to lower herself back down.

"No, you don't want it and I don't want to force you," he taunted.

"Please!" she pleaded.

"Please what?"

"I need it."

" Just tell me and you can have anything you want." He raised his warm fingers to her nipples again, squeezing them with skillful twists.

She grew breathless. "Fill me."

"Fill you?"

She nodded her head rapidly.

"You want me to fill you?" He grasped her hips again.

"Yes," she shouted with frustration. "Yes, please!"

Victor shoved her down forcefully onto him while raising his own hips for a deeper penetration. He kept a penetrating rhythm using her hips with a directing precision to plunge her up and down over his hard erection.

"Mmm," she breathed out with a helpless murmur. Her body grew tense while her pussy pulsed with the building friction. The pounding sent helpless tremors through her as she peaked with a tightening coiling spasm.

"Are you coming with me?" he whispered to her ear. Thrusting deeply into her, the water sloshed over the sides of the tub to the floor.

"Yes ...yes,"she gasped. "Ohh, please!" The heat of his cum flowed into her and she tensed up as she joined him with the massive swell of a soaring orgasm. She helplessly came on his cock, the sensation like a warm seeping as her body shuddered with an ecstatic wave of gratifying bliss. She expelled a long breath with the release and slumped forward.

"Now, say thank you."

"Thank you." Bubbles puffed up with her heavy breathing while her arms remained draped over the sides of the bathtub.

"Yes, a good lesson with the bonus of good manners; a please and a thank you." He sighed while he gazed at her limp body drooping over the side of the tub. "The bathing part now." He sat her upright and smoothed a soft soapy sponge over her breasts.



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loves to dive said...

I've read all the Beasts books and this one is one of the best. Payne is my favorite character so far.

Unknown said...

How I love the BEASTS series! Erotic romance at its best! If you haven't had the chance to read these yet, you won't be disappoined.

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Julianne said...

The Beasts series sounds very good.
Thanks for blogging about it.
gfc: Julianne
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Romance Novel Junkies said...

Sounds good. It is already on my to read list.