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Midnight Star: Sisters of the Moon, #2 by Billi Jean

Publisher: Noble Romance, LLC

Published: 11/02/2010

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Rating: Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

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Ranger was a Lykae to whom family meant everything, and vampires had done a great deal of damage to his family. So when he first encountered Star, a half vampire, he reacted by trying to take her head, even though she had warred against the vampires in order to free members of his family, he only recognized vampire, the he recognized the scent and pull of his true mate. It was too late however, Star also being an empath felt Ranger’s hatred of her, and now she more than returns the animosity. She was rejected by her own family and doesn’t particularly care what this overgrown flea bag thinks of her. It’s not like they ever have to see each other again. Six months have passed and now Ranger needs her help in recovering another family member, he also is ready to claim his mate. Men, no matter what species are often dumb as a box of rocks.

  I love this series. These characters are so damn sexy, snarky and bad ass, I just want to invite them over for drinks and then go out and pick bar fights. They would do it too, they are just my type of peeps. Star was my idol. She was fiercely loyal to her makeshift family, and very guarded around everyone else. She took no crap, no prisoners and met whatever life handed her on her terms. Even though Ranger hurt her feelings, she'd be damned if she'd let it show. She met his animosity with fangs bared and fist flying. She is officially my new girl crush. Ranger, bless his mangy heart, didn't have a clue how to handle Star. He was just such a MAN, and did such dumb man things. Like assuming she would know he didn't hate her, and that he wanted to protect her. I laughed at Ranger a LOT in this book because I KNOW him. *shakes head* Poor dumb bastard. He was trainable though, and he did have honorable intentions, although it took forever for him to mention that.

I love a hero that isn't perfect. Ranger is so far from perfect that perfect is a dot to him. But what makes him so great, is how hard he tries. Sometimes it really is the thought and effort behind the action that counts. Even if the action itself borders on the less than intelligent. The wonderfully entertaining, sexy story gave Ranger ample opportunity to prove his devotion and ultimately his sincerity to Star and I loved every minute of it. I can not wait for more of these fascinating Lykae and there cohorts. And the demons, sheesh, if these guys are the norm, then sign me up right now. The possibilities for this series is endless, and I intend to be a part of each one. Very nicely done.

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