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The Ruby Kiss by Helen Scott Taylor

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Publisher: Dorchester

Published: 11/01/2011

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Rating: Entrée


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Ruby MacDonald was sleeping soundly in her bed when nearly two hundred pounds of gorgeous man came crashing through her roof, landing directly on top of her. A darkly gorgeous man with wings! Nightshade is a vampiric fairy who up until now had never felt the least bit of attraction for a female. Now he is overcome with the urge to mate and bite. Ruby isn’t unaware of magical beings. She grew up with her mother insisting that Ruby’s father was a golden angel. Her mother spent her entire life searching for that angel and now all Ruby wants is a home to call her own and a simple, normal life. So you can understand why she’s not jumping for joy when Nightshade announces his intention to impregnate her with his son.

The Ruby Kiss was such a tease of a book. The hero, Nightshade, showed some serious leanings towards bisexuality. There were some simply devilish scenes between Nightshade and his best friend Devin, who just happens to have his own harem. Also casting some sexy leanings is Devin's immortal and goldenly luscious father Troy, who is rather attached to Nightshade's bites. Nothing concrete mind you...... just enough to titillate and frustrate. This book was just filled with edible masculinity. I really liked this fantasy world of the Fae that Ms. Taylor has created. Even the tragic Unseelie King, Twister, who was cast as a semi-villain/frenemy made my "would do in a red hot minute" list. The story was entertaining with just enough treachery, deceit, surprise, drama and sex to keep me glued to the pages. The interesting and unique element in this book was the switch from the Seelie court being on the side of fair and just, while the Unseelie court is usually portrayed as dark and evil. Lots of shades of grey in this area. Ruby's father, Kade is a Hunter for the Seelie court and there wasn't a lot of good coming from that arena. Mixed into the Celtic lore was also a healthy dose of Norse mythology tossed in with a few Eastern traits, namely the Djinn. Lots of diversity in this world.

Notice anyone I haven't mentioned yet? Hmmmm, who could that be? Oh, yes our dear heroine, Ruby. Mmmm- hmmm. Guess who I had an issue with? I will say this for her, she had two little Yorkies that she cared for a great deal. For the majority of the book though, eye twitch city. The majority of the injuries, fights, battles, disasters, or deaths were a direct result of her actions or inactions. I understand not wanting someone to tell you what to do....really, I do. BUT, if a bomb expert tells me not to yank a wire, I'm not going to yank a wire just to prove I can. That is in essence what Ruby did a great deal of the time and it makes me crazy. There is a time for exerting yourself and a time to LISTEN, taking instruction from someone who knows the situation better than yourself does not diminish you as a person. (stepping down from my soapbox now) Ruby did step up to her heroine status in the end, and I still recommend this book. I definitely want to see what happens with the rest of these unattached males running around this fascinating world.

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