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Voodoo Dues by Stephanie Simmons

Publisher:  Self Published

Published: 7/2011

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Rating: Snack


Flaming heart

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Eleanor Figg was a quasi bartender/gate keeper for Lian and his empty bar. He got the occasional customer but gave the impression that he would just as soon not get any. Lian gave the impression of being just released from an Ivory tower of a very expensive Ivy League university. From his three piece suits, to his somewhat preoccupied demeanor, Lian was in essence what he appeared to be, a devotee to academia. It’s what he studied that make him such a stand out. Lian chronicled myths and legends hidden from humanity,but existing beside them in anonymity. After a brutal attack by a werewolf, then an extended stay in rehab, Lian is content to remain isolated from the world for awhile, thus the empty bar.  Experts knowledgeable in the occult and supernatural can’t remain in hiding for long however. This is the case when trouble seeks them out in the form of a powerful Voodoo priestess and her magical family. Someone is raising the dead in Dallas and it’s up to Lian and Figg to save the day.

Wickedly fun and darkly compelling, Voodoo Dues caught my fancy in the first few sentences. Written entirely in first person, the point of view shifts from Lian to Figg, giving the reader great insights into the action and motivation of these polar opposites. I like the alternating POV’s, and really wish other authors who use first person styles would follow this example. It can be very frustrating not knowing what a main character is thinking. The writing is gritty and graphic and stays very true to it’s Urban Fantasy roots. There is a thin thread of romance, but it is by no means the focus of the story. While not my normal cup of tea, it was a refreshing albeit intense break from  my regular fare.  Figg was just quirky enough to garner my approval and Lian is just a great big bag of mystery. The other colorful characters sprinkled throughout the story added a lighter touch to the darkness of the zombie/voodoo arc. I am glad I ventured into this world and expect to make several trips back to keep tabs on these two.


  Interview with Figg

Thanks so much for agreeing to answer a few questions today. It is truly a joy to have you share part of your very interesting story with us here on the blog.
First off what would you like to have people know about you?
There’s more to me than guns and designer shoes, I have, on occasion worn a pair of Converse and I can be creative if need be when it comes to weaponry.

What should they know about Lian from your perspective?
The stick in the mud thing isn’t an act. He really is like that. It drives me batty.

You seemed to accept the entire supernatural aspect rather easily. Is that just open mindedness or do you have something in your past that would lend itself to the quick acceptance?
I like to think I’m pretty open minded, but even if I weren’t, Lian’s scars are pretty gnarly. Plus, who makes shit like that up? Definitely not someone like Lian.

Soooo, Carl was pretty adamant about warning you away from Lian. How’s that been working out?
I love Carl, but my bedroom is not a place where his opinions matter. Lian and I are both adults and can handle whatever goes on there. Between us though, who freaking knew the nerdy guys rocked so hard in the sack?

What happened to John Marsh?
John is spending a little quality time in intensive care. Lian is keeping an eye on him, but not sure if he’ll pull through.

Awwww… I hope so! I found him endlessly fascinating.
Has the bar been reopened? And what’s going on with the detective agency suggestion?
I’m supervising the construction. It’s almost done. Lian’s going for a sport’s bar feel this time around. No luck on the detective agency idea, but at least I won’t have to work in a rare book store. (snore!)

I looooved your stance on the whole animal sacrifice thing. (shudder!) Have you considered maybe introducing alternate methods of following religious ritual……like maybe a virtual sacrifice or a robot sacrifice?
Rene and I don’t see eye to eye on much, but that’s the touchiest subject we’ve got. We would definitely need a mediator to tackle that one.

What’s next for Figg and Lian?
We’ll be back soon in Vampire Blues.


Flames****Rapid Fires****Flames

1. Jimmy Choo or Louboutin?   Louboutin
2. Favorite food?   I love a good cheese enchilada!

3. Favorite vacation spot?   Girls with an aversion to 9 – 5 work don’t usually see many destination vacations. Hanging out with Teddy and Esther is good enough for me.

4. Three things you would take to a deserted island?   Teddy, Lian and a bottle of SPF 80

5. In the event that you are the only female left after the apocalypse, who would you choose to help you repopulate the Earth?   Gerard Butler (yum!)

Gerard Butler

6. Regarding Lian….. boxers or briefs?   Boxer briefs

boxer briefs

  Mmmmmm, Gerard Butler in Hello, Kitty   boxer briefs……

Thanks for leaving us with these great visuals, and please stop by on your next adventure.

To find out more about Stephany Simmons and the amazing world of Lian and Figg follow the links below.

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