Friday, December 9, 2011

Embrace the Highland Warrior: Connor Clan #2 by Anita Clenney


Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Published: 11/01/2011

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Rating: Entrée




Shay Logan and Cody McBain were the best of friends growing up. Shay had always known Cody was hers and the feeling was definitely mutual. Until Shay learned Cody had been keeping a rather important secret from her about her past. Devastated and feeling utterly betrayed, Shay left and now years later Shay has come back to try and face the hurt of her youth and finally put it to rest. Cody knows Shay is his one and only, he’s going to pull out all the stops to make her see he had no choice in the matter. There is a great evil brewing and Cody is one of the chosen warriors in this battle. Shay has an important role as well, but she knows nothing of her family’s legacy and sworn duty. It’s a world where the boogeyman in the closet is real and Shay needs Cody’s help to keep him there.

I swear, Anita Clenney’s Highlanders just melt my butter. Sheesh, this lady can write em’ hot. The Connor Clan series is written in present day but has a very old world feel to it. It’s the best of the romance genre, a bit of a historical, mixed with a good dose of paranormal, in a familiar time that all readers can identify with. Perfect, just perfect. My biggest problem with true historicals is the whole “women as second class citizens” bit. Gives me an eye twitch every time. The reader doesn’t have to deal with that nonsense in Ms. Clenney’s books. You use your god given abilities, male or female. Yes, there are excellent female warriors in this crew….Yay!! (although one is just a tad bit slutty and likes to poach).

Even though these men respect their women's abilities, they still have that old world "Mine" attitude that I simply adore, and are very protective of even the fiercest female. Even if the women have proven themselves by going "Cuisinart" on the bad guys, they are still treasured. Grrrrr! They would have to beat me off with a stick.

Shay was a great heroine. Strong, intelligent and willing to think and make decisions for herself. She also had some of the funniest relatives, *snort* there are definitely parts of this book that will make you crack up. The story arc, the characters, the romance, (the hot, spicy, sizzling romance) and they utter evilness of the villains, (even some that are casting a grey shadow) combine to make this one of my top series of 2011. I don't know where Anita Clenney has been hiding these delicious Scots but if I find that place, don't expect to see me for a looooong time. I really couldn't begin to pick who I want to see next, so I'm going to politely suggest that Ms. Clenney write faster. Maybe an assistant? I'm available.


Anita Clenney said...

LOL! Thanks for the wonderful review! I could use that assistant. :)

Sophia Rose said...

I enjoyed your review and like the idea of this book. Thanks for posting! I'm definitely going to read this one.