Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fool Me Once: Hot Bods, #1 by Lacey Wolfe

Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Published: 12/19/2011

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Rating: Snack




After an instantaneous attraction at their first encounter, Drew and Skylar shared what she thought was a magical weekend away together. Only to wake up alone and abandoned, no note, no phone call…. just Hasta la Vista, baby. Now she’s had the horrible luck to run into him and his stunning blonde arm candy. Drew swears he meant to call and he wants another chance and fate does seem to be throwing them together. Her brain is telling her to walk away and save herself from more hurt, but her mouth can’t really form the words when it's too busy doing much more enjoyable things.

Hot Bods is a spot on name for this series because this is one sizzling little story. This is not for the faint of heart or pure of virtue. Skylar and Drew make monkeys on Viagra look puritanical. I liked Skylar, she was a realist who went after what she wanted unapologetically. She also knew when to exercise caution, she just didn't always act on it. Drew wasn't a bad guy, he was just not the best communicator and maybe a little bit of a ... hmmm, what's the word I'm looking for.... douche... no, he wasn't THAT bad, ... he was just a MAN... yeah, that's the word. I could really have stood to see him crawl, beg, suffer (take your pick) just a little bit more. But then, I am mean like that. Luckily for him Skylar wasn't and she did get a small bit of her own back. Lacey Wolfe can really bring her characters to life, which is one of the reasons I can get so annoyed when one does something irritating. Skylar and Drew both had a lot of depth for such a short story and that takes some major talent. Ms. Wolfe also has quite the hand at turning an erotic phrase and these were found in abundance. I was quite pleased with the end result of this spicy tale and now am left to wonder who's next. Maybe Skylar's baking roommate? Just not with the cat guy.


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