Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deadly Obsession: Deadly Vices, #1 by Kristine Cayne


Publisher: Self

Published: 1/01/2012

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Rating: Entrée

Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart


Deadly Obsession was simply fantastic. My eyes were glued to this book the whole time! The only time I stopped reading it is for bathroom and snack breaks.

Nic, the Lover, Lamoureux is a very popular movie star who has all the women falling at his feet. He is living his dreams making movies and lots of money, but Nic has been receiving messages from a stalker named NicsBitch. The stalker always knows his every location and sends him messages when she thinks he is getting “too out of line”.

Nic has always lived his life in regret because of an accident that happened when he was a teenager. One night he was playing video games with his friends when he needed to leave the house. His sister Rachel told him they needed to go and he told her he needed just five more minutes and they would go. While in a hurry driving, he crashed into a tree with his sister in the car. Rachel’s legs were pinned between the dashboard and the seat of the car and she was losing a lot of blood. It took the paramedics two hours to get her out. Nic has always felt like as if it was his fault. His father always blamed him and he felt like he deserved it. Nic dropped out of High School to get a job and help out his family, but his dad always told him it wasn’t good enough. When Vivian and her husband David came along they made his wildest dream come true, to be an actor.

Lauren James is an aspiring photographer that works at a department store to make ends meet so she can support her son Jason. Lauren suffered a great loss when she lost her husband Todd to war. Ever since then she has lived alone... just Lauren and her son, Jason. After Todd's death, Lauren started feeling resentment towards him because he made the decision to re-up with out talking to her first, and now he was dead. She wore his dog tags every day to remember what they once had.   

After winning the contest to shoot Nic, the Lover, Lauren is stoked. Nic shows up with his agent Vivian and agrees to let Lauren shoot him. They both have an instant connection and attraction to each other. When the paparazzi show up Nic kisses Lauren because that's what he does with all his "Paparazzi girls", but Lauren is different. their kiss ends up being full of passion that neither expected. Nic makes another appointment with Lauren because he loves her ideas and he recognizes that she has genuine talent.

The storyline of the stalker had me just as captured as the storyline of Nic and Lauren. I love how their story unfolds. Nic and Lauren both have a past they aren't proud of they have to confront it. While falling in love with each other they reveal and relinquish their pasts to one another.

Deadly Obsession is a "Must Read" book! It absolutely rocked: and I din't want it to end. It has a great story line, and characters that you will think about way after you've read the book. The progression of the book is just right, it's not too fast or too slow. It will leave you begging for more! Kristine, you are a truly talented writer and it was a pleasure to read your book! 



Sophia Rose said...

I enjoyed your review and it sounds like a great read.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Sophia!

_yay_ said...

Fantastic review. Says a LOT that you only stopped reading for the bathroom and snack breaks HAHA.
I'm happy you mentioned the quality of the stalker storyline. I often felt the suspense/mystery part lacking in other books...and hated that.
Will give this book a try. Sounds awesome.
_yay_ @ BookthatThing!