Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Touch of the Angel: Demons of Infernum, #3 by Rosalie Lario


Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Published: 12/06/2011

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Rating: Entrée (but I sooo wanted to say Angel Food cake)


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart


As a Detainor for the Council that governed otherworlders, Ronin usually had more than enough on his plate. Living in the human realm with his three half brothers, Keegan, Taeg and Dagan, there was usually enough elicit demon activity to keep them busy, but with Keegan now married and expecting a child, and Taeg newly engaged, well…. things were changing and Ronin was bored. It was that boredom that had him showing up at one of Dagan’s favorite hangouts, Opiate. Ronin found a cure for boredom all right, in the form of a deadly succubus named Amara, who left him nearly dead after the hook up from Hell. Now mostly recovered a new assignment has come in from the Council. They need to capture the incubus Asmodeus and his dark fae puppet master, and who turns up as their key to taking the bad guys down, Ronin’s succubus, Amara.

I swear by all that is sexy. I knew Ronin was too hot for his own good. I knew all that laid back, angelic gorgeousness was going to get him in trouble and I was right. That trouble came in the form of a seductive succubus, Amara. Succubae emit a poison that is deadly to otherworlders, and only incubae  are immune, so when Amara and Ronin did the dirty, it was nearly lights out for my favorite half demon/half angel bounty hunter. Luckily for fans of this series, Rosalie Lario would never let that happen. What she did was give her readers yet another glorious book to obsess over about the lives and loves of these infinitely fascinating demon brothers. For me this was the most emotional book by far, especially for Dagan, the youngest and most mysterious of the brothers. He is watching his older brothers thrive while still continuing with his tom catting around. But something tells me he might be taking a permanent hiatus from that lifestyle in the foreseeable future.  But I digress, this is Ronin and Amara's  beautiful story.

 It's already a given that I adore Ronin, that I love this series, and that Ronin's heroine was going to have to be something special. So when I saw she was a succubus, I was a little skeptical. I mean Ronin is just sooooo...... and succubae are just a tad sketchy and not the most discerning of beings. How as that going to work? Would Ronin have a mate compelled to constantly seek new partners? Ugh! 
The thought breaks my heart. Not to fear fellow Infernumphiles, all questions are answered and approved. We also have a mention and hint about how the evil and vile Mammon is faring under his imprisonment by the Council. But there is even greater evil afoot in the guise of a dark fae and his minion Asmodeous (Amara's master) who intend to over throw the Council and take the power for themselves.  *shudder* This is indeed a book for the "Keeper" shelf and thankfully the family is expanding so I'm sure there will be plenty more keepers still to come.


Elena said...

You just reminded me of yet another series I haven't finished,and I've been dying for Ronin's novel.

Glad to know it's well worth the read =) Ummm.. A Succubi? For heaven's sake I'm feeling sorry for the man.LOL!!! Now I'm interested on how he handles his heroine =P


Sophia Rose said...

Yah! I must get busy and start reading this series. I keep hearing so many wonderful things about it.

Thanks for the review post!