Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Jaguar Legacy by Maureen Fisher

Publisher: Lachesis Publishing

Published: 2/02/2011

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Rating: Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart


I enjoyed The Jaguar Legacy immensely. There were a couple of spots that were slow for me but overall I really enjoyed the book.

Charley is an investigative journalist whose career has gone down the drain all because she was diagnosed with “panic attacks” and almost causes herself and a colleague to die in a car crash because of one. Charley’s mother is a full blown alcoholic and the only way she feels as if she can help her is by boosting her career in order to send her mother off to rehab. When Charley stumbles upon the rumors of the Olmecs that Kincaid is researching and the city he has discovered, she knows that if she could get the full scoop on the Olmecs and Kincaid’s lost city, it would restore her reputation and skyrocket her career.

Kincaid is an archeologist who is on the brink of the discovery of the century. He has found the lost city of the Olmecs and is trying to recover as many ancient artifacts and bones as possible. Kincaid had a rough childhood with his sister committing suicide and his whole family falling apart in the aftermath. Kincaid and his mother both turned to drinking. Kincaid took it further and also turned to drugs. He recovered when he hit rock bottom and decided he wanted to sober up and live his life. Leila, Kincaid’s ex-wife, destroyed his career and his reputation and the lost Olmec city is his last chance to salvage what is left of his career.

When Kincaid spots Charley in the jungle near his site, sparks "literally" fly. Charley is stubborn, persistent, and independent which is just the package that ends up knocking Kincaid off his feet. They are both attracted to each other, but too prideful to admit it. (Their attraction to each other and the constant sexual tension makes this a really sexy read.) Leila is also along for the ride. She is also selfish, manipulative, and calculating; she tries to ruin Kincaid's career and his blossoming relationship with Charley.

I will not spoil the end or mysteries of this book for you, because it's fun uncovering them for yourself. Just know that Charley, Leila, and Felipe are connected to the ancient Olmecs in some way. I love Charley and Kincaid's relationship. I really admire a woman whocan be without a man and be strong and independent which is what heightens the appeal of their relationship. The fact that they are both willing to confront their inner fears, insecurities, and bear their deepest secrets to each other really connected me with the characters. I have to say that two of the most enjoyable characters in the book are Collin (the chef) and Horrie (the one-eyed cat).

If you love action, mystery , suspense, history and lots of sexual tension than this book is for you. I enjoyed this book and how Maureen builds up their sexual tension and allows them to fall in love with each other. It doesn't happen too fast or too slow, but just right.


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