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A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing: Heart of the Wolf, #9 by Terry Spear


Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.

Published: 3/1/12

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Rating: Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart


Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Finn Emerson had been aware of Meara Greymere for as long as he’d been serving  and working alongside her brother Hunter and that was also how long he knew that Meara was UNAVAILABLE to members of Hunter’s SEAL team. Plus Meara really seemed to have issues with his job and what it entailed, namely danger. With Hunter on his honeymoon in Hawaii, it falls to Finn to keep an eye on Meara when an assassin may be watching her as a means to get to Hunter. Should be a piece of cake, except Meara is on the hunt for a mate, and while Finn is definitely not a candidate, he is NOT thrilled with the idea of Meara sniffing around a bunch of unattached alphas.

Seriously, it’s like Terry Spear spied on my dreams of the perfect male when she put Finn on paper. A big, green eyed, blonde, alpha wolf shifter of a SEAL, if he’d been in a kilt they would have had to sedate me. She could have written nothing but Finn’s description on three hundred and fifty pages and I would have still loved it, but that’s not what she did. She crafted a wonderfully entertaining, thrilling, sexy action packed story with even more sexy SEALS. (umm, drool much?) 

Even though this is book 9 in the series, Terry Spear makes this an easy stand alone read (although if you think you'll be able to read just the one, ha you're kidding yourself). This world of the Lupus Garou is imminently addictive and the characters are so diverse and interesting that is impossible to not be drawn in. Each story, though very loosely tied to the rest, is unique and brings it's own set of gasps and twists assuring that the reader never feels like they want to put down the book. For those who were waiting for more of the Greymere pack, rest easy. Meara does them more than proud.... she is an alpha and sister to the pack leader after all. She has no qualms about making her wants, thoughts, feelings and desires known in no uncertain terms. She lets Finn know, fast and in a hurry, that she doesn't consider him mate material anymore than he does her. Yay! You go girl! That's right, there's no unrequited pining from this lady wolf. A fact that rubs Finn's ego a time or two, I loved it. This book is just one more sterling example of Terry Spear's mastery of her craft and I congratulate her once again delivering an excellent book. 


Em said...

Adding to my TBR, sounds like a really good one

Unknown said...

Another series to add to my pile, I have to discover new ones, running out of anticipated releases.
Well come back!

Rhonda D said...

This book definitely sounds like a winner. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Definitely going to the top of my tbb list.

Proserpine said...

I would love to see what you dream about! Nice review!!!

Unknown said...

I *just* bought this on B&N from their huge para-rom sale! I liked the cover, liked the blurb, & bought it. I tried to see if it was part of a series but couldn't gather that it was from B&N's site. I guess I should've Googled instead. But I'm glad you said it works fairly well as a stand alone. Then I'll put #1-8 on my TBR list. (as if it needs to be any bigger!) Thanks for the review!

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Hey Wendy? You ok? Im starting to worry.

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Just checking! I really hope you're OK, I keep waiting for your feed to update, cuz I'll know then that you're fine.

Leigh Ann said...

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