Friday, February 3, 2012

Spread LOVE Not Hate Blog Hop

                Brought to us by the wonderful K.M. Parr and K.C. Neal

WOW!! Talk about a subject guaranteed to set me off and this is it. Bullying in any shape, form or medium will send me on the warpath quicker than anything. And this gathering of bloggers is meant to bring into focus the utter uselessness of bullying and those who employ these tactics.

For those of us who use the infinity of the Internet to broadcast our thoughts and opinions, we have a responsibility to do so in an intelligent, thoughtful and “do harm to none” manner. Just because you can say or do something doesn’t mean you should. And just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that a multitude of others feel the same or that you are by any means an expert on the thing you dislike. It is your opinion and if you can’t state that opinion in a constructive manner perhaps you should keep it to yourself or if you must unburden yourself by verbal or written means, may I suggest therapy or perhaps a message in a bottle. (sorry but I get a little wound up).
I know this is a somewhat ironic post from a blog with the word RAGE prominently displayed in the title. Rage is not bullying. In fact the Rage is at bullying and those who attack without thoughts of the damage they do and only do so when there is little to no chance of reprisal. In fact lets just call a spade a spade... bully/coward same thing. I have always felt a calling to aid those in a weaker position than myself, be they human, animal or heck even fictional. It's called empathy and decent hometraining. I like to think of myself as a fairly civilized and peaceable woman of a certain age, but personal attacks on the authors or reviewers that I hold in such high esteem have a tendency to bring out the redneck in me.   I would really, really REALLY like to love everyone, and I do respect your right to your opinion, but do it in a way that doesn't cause undue harm to those you are writing about or talking to. If you have something of value to say, being positive will only make it louder and spread to a bigger audience.

The people I deal with in this sphere of the bloggerverse are a warm, caring and extremely helpful community that I have the utmost respect for and to see any of those people effected by bullying just doesn't set well with me. Just read my motto on the sidebar and remember... Do unto others.... and Don't start no thing, won't be no thing. 

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Elena said...

BRAVO!!! Great Post Chickie!

I concur with this post,the everyday situations that goes on daily with the name callings,bickering and bantering,and strong negativity are just,downright stressful, when in reality who the heck are they to judge and spread shit like they're someone? Yeesh!! I have a huge heart and am very opened to anything or anyone,but don't cross paths with me if you don't know me. Now-adays people think all this bullying fiasco is gonna give them a bright and shining medal or something. I don't bother to waste my breath,some may be older but have the mentality of a newborn child sucking his or her thumb,and they're too stubborn to pull their thumbs out. I give props to people who endure the selfishness of such people.

What goes around come around,don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to yourselves.