Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Out of Turn Blog Tour and Giveaway



Title:  Out of Turn
Series:   Kathleen Turner Series #4
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  December 17, 2013

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Breaking up is hard to do, as Kathleen Turner discovers. After a falling-out with her ex, high-powered attorney Blane Kirk, she’s moving on the best she can. Unfortunately, someone from her past is set on revenge and nothing short of killing Kathleen will stop them.

Keeping his brother’s ex-girlfriend alive isn’t something new to assassin-for-hire Kade Dennon, but this time can he protect her from himself? She’s a woman he can’t convince himself to walk away from, no matter what it costs him.

Regret is a constant companion for Blane as he realizes the truth behind the lies he’s been told. Can love heal the past, or can some mistakes not be undone?
Murder reunites Blane, Kade, and Kathleen as the police put Blane in their crosshairs. Blane may lose everything unless he and Kade can find the real murderer before it’s too late. But if they can’t set aside their love for the same woman and work together, it will tear them apart.

In Out of Turn, Kathleen is caught between two warring brothers, and the consequences may be fatal.

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I love to write and am thrilled to be a part of the Amazon Montlake family. My debut novel, NO TURNING BACK, is the first book in The Kathleen Turner Series. I write about things I love to read myself - a heroine who could be a neighbor or best friend; two men who each portray their own version of darkness and light, each vying for her affection; and a story that focuses as much on the characters as it does the suspense. NO TURNING BACK, TURN TO ME, and TURNING POINT currently comprise The Kathleen Turner Series. The fourth book, OUT OF TURN, will be released 12/17/13. There will be a total of five books in the Kathleen Turner Series.

As for me, I've been reading romance novels since I was way too young to read such things, have an unhealthy obsession for all things Doctor Who, prefer Pepsi to Coke and Absolut to both, think men who drink girly cocktails are wusses, have learned to never stop believing in my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, and can recite the entire scripts of When Harry Met Sally and Apollo 13. George Washington is cool, Bon Jovi still rocks the house, and Bruce Willis is the ultimate alpha-male hero. Most of all, romance never, ever gets old.

Visit my website www.Tiffany-Snow.com for more information and special extras.
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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

I'm so going to have to read these. They just sound excellent!

Sophia Rose said...

I haven't gotten this far in the series, but wow the latest book sounds intense. Definitely need to catch up.

Rhonda D said...

I so love this series and hope Kade gets a chance with her. I'm team Kade all the way. Blane pisses me off. LOL! I always go for the bad boy. :)

tore923@aol.com said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would love to read this book. Sounds good.

Mary Preston said...

Hi, do you ever change character names because they just don't fit?