Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Romance Lives at Rougemont - Series Spotlight

Recently, I won a contest that introduced me to a new author, Moriah Densley.
Little did I know how involved I was about to become with Moriah's books. Her Rougemont series has totally captivated me as a purveyor of romance in all genres. Her attention to detail, her quest for authenticity, the wonderfully developed characters, and witty dialogue has lent itself to a series that I believe to be one of the best on the market. You will definitely be doing yourself a disservice if you miss out on The Rougement series. I give this series my highest rating.

Sophia Duncombe is on the run from her abusive father after he has nearly beaten her to death over her failure to submit to one of his friend's attempts to impregnate her. After gaining employment as a maid for the mysterious, and often referred to as insane, Earl of Devon, Sophia finds that what many consider bizarre and objectionable, may just be the thing to set her free.

Wilhelm Montegue, Earl of Devon, cares little for the conjecture of polite society as to his sanity or sexuality. As a former assassin and master spy for the crown, Wilhelm is entitled to his side trips from reality on occassion. His extreme OCD, PTSD, and Savant syndrome indeed make Wilhelm seem a likely candidate for Bedlam. The one thing that may save him from falling completely into madness is the mysterious and unlikely maid who has captured his heart.

Alysia Villier, daughter of the infamous courtesan Violet Villier, grew up in the home of her mother's lover, Lord Courtenay. Seemingly a member of the family, Alysia was aware of the huge difference between herself and the others. After the death of her mother, Alysia's situation becomes more awkward and she realizes her future will most likely take a similar path as her mothers. Even though she has loved Andrew forever, she knows she must leave her childhood home. Her passions must go unheeded for Andrew can never be hers.

Andrew Tilmore, Lord Preston, future Marquess of Courtenay, now home from Oxford, discovers his feelings for his childhood friend have only grown stronger. They have evolved into the passions of an adult man. Determined to have Alysia, he must defy not only his parents, the beau monde, and the parade of acceptable women his mother forces on him, he must also battle Alysia herself.


    One would think that Mary Cavendish was a saint in training with her volunteer work at the parish hospital, the Cockington Beautification Committee, and anywhere else that she can fit in her schedule. While she is indeed a lady filled with charity and compassion, she is also a woman with an urgent need to curtail her appetite for sumptuous holiday treats that attack her ever expanding waistline. With a corset designed to rob her of her ability to breathe and her quest to find a "knight on a white horse" to wed, it is imperative that she look her best. 

Acclaimed Shakespearean actor, Sir Wesley Darcy is not having a good start to his holiday. Enduring a robbery attempt, an overturned carriage, and a painful shoulder injury, Wesley now finds himself in a hospital on Christmas Eve being treated by a woman who makes it more than clear that she finds him to be quite the cad. Sensing the passion underneath her innocent exterior, Wesley is beyond pleased to find that his enticing nurse will also be spending the holidays at Rougemont. Despite their innocuous beginnings, he intends to win Mary's heart and show her the adventures that have been sorely lacking in her life.

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