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Series Spotlight - The Balmorie Series–Kam McKellar

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                                            Published:  12/2013

The Balmorie series is a trio of novellas centered around three American brothers, Ian, Devin and Jamie, fresh out of the military. They have inherited their ancestral estate in Scotland and have set about restoring it and at the same time finding themselves. Helping them along their journey are three cousins, Lucy, Kate and Riley, who are all dealing with issues of their own. Scotland's magic has it's work cut out to give these six a happily ever after.


Book #1
Ebook – 93 pages

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 After his stint in the military, Ian MacLaren was ready for the healing job of turning his run down family estate into a viable tourist haven. Pleased to have wrangled the much lauded travel writer Riley Brooks into doing a spread in her magazine, Ian has been frantically working to make everything perfect for her stay.

When Lucy Walker agreed to take her cousin Riley's place on a trip to Scotland, she had no clue as to what she'd let herself in for.  Stranded on the roadside, dressed in mismatched plaids, by the time she reaches her destination she is covered in mud, laid out flat by a gregarious Scottish deerhound, knocked unconcious by a wood pigeon and rescued by a gorgeous Scot, who just happens to be one of the owner's of the estate she intends to review. Tired of her reputation as a dreamer who never follows up, she decides to tempt fate and lay a big, fat kiss on her rescuer, but he still thinks she's Riley, who just happens to be very much married.


Book #2
Ebook – 83 pages

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 Devin MacLaren has always been just a bit taciturn. Speaking only when necessary, he is nonetheless struck more speechless when a naked woman shows up in his barn as he works on repairing an ancient tractor. Home for good after serving in the Middle East, Devin and his bomb sniffing dog Hildie are both dealing with their own memories of what they saw during their tours of duty. As much as Devin liked what he sees, he is in no place to begin a relationship.

Kate Walker has lost her spark. Once considered a resounding success as a business woman, she has lost everything. Her partner, her best friend, her lover has robbed her of all her assets and left her a husk of her former, confident self. A stay in Scotland sounds like the break she needs for some much needed alone time for introspection and escape. She is in no way ready for a broken Scot or his dog, who are both in need of repair.


Book #3
Ebook – 64 pages

The youngest of the MacLaren brother's Jamie was always the first to pop off at the mouth with a joke or sarcastic remark. Always an optimist, his return home sees a different Jamie. An injured, darker Jamie, who has yet to adapt to his new station in life as an amputee.

Riley Brooks is determined to put on a brave face for her cousin Lucy's wedding, despite the divorce papers in her suitcase. Seeing her cousins and their new found happiness is a bitter pill to swallow in the face of her marital failure. When her ex shows up at the reception demanding she sign the papers so he can marry his mistress, the dark and brooding Jamie looks like the company her misery just might enjoy.

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What a great little holiday read, nix that, an anytime you need a "grin and awwww" moment. For believers in the healing properties of love and the miracle of love at first sight, you must grab these books. Set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, you have three hunky ex-military brothers with a slight brogue and are also not averse to wearing kilts. Can you say YUM?? It"s like Kam McKellar took all my favorite hero characteristics, put them in a blender and came up with the MacLaren brothers. They are all droolworthy in their own right (although with his snark and haunted blue eyes, I admit under threat of torture that Jamie was my favorite.)

It was a fun treat to see who matched up where and how. I will say, I was a bit jealous of the heroines, although as far as heroines go, these stood up to heavy scrutiny. All had backbone and a mind of their own. They also did a bit of rescuing in their own way. Reading about the evolution of these characters and their circumstances was a very nice break from the frantic pace of the holiday season. The secondary characters of Fran and Hamish were a hoot and a welcome touch when things started to get a little serious. (this was not too often) The heat element was perfect for the length of the books and just spicy enough to bring a bit of pink to the cheeks. The perfect cherry on top of a delicious romantic sundae.


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Kam McKellar writes fun, sexy, romantic novellas. She has a thing for sweets, accents, kilts, and men in uniform. She hopes to one day inherit her very own castle from a previously unbeknownst to her, relative. Nothing wrong with dreaming big!
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