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Spotlight/Giveaway - Beauty and the Beast (The Demon Tales #1)

                          Published April 30th 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing

Cally, or better known as Princess Callindra of Tempath, has found herself in quite the pickle. While running away from her mother's cruel treatment, Cally is kidnapped by a foul smelling, disgusting demon who intends to sell her into sexual slavery.

Brigg was once a handsome, charming prince of the Rain Demons, but during an attack lead by a human witch, he and his brother Torc are cursed to live as hairy beasts for the remainder of their lives. So, it comes as no surprise that Brigg has no love for humans. In fact, Brigg believes the only good human, is a dead human. So no one is more surprised than he, when he risks his life rescuing the sapphire eyed woman from one of the most feared demons in the land. When he discovers she is the daughter of the witch who destroyed his family, things go from bad to fubarred.

Evil witch on Make A Gif

When I wrote Beauty and The Beast, it was at the very beginning of my career, there are things I would change if I wrote it now, but that it is the beginning of my Demon Tales and the entrance into a world of demons, magic and passion.This book was born from an image of wanting the heroine to be stronger. I saw a woman who should feel empathy and unconditional love for a demon cursed to look very different from his original form. I envisioned a world where violence and darkness were everywhere, yet a well of love inside both her and the Hero, Brigg, is ignited quite forcefully, when they meet. I loved writing Brigg, I adored him. So bitter and broken the poor demon stood no chance against the soft and equally damaged Cally. Together, they have an adventure neither one expected. In this book I introduced—though I didn’t realise at the time—two more characters that go on to have their own books.

 This book was originally written to stand alone as a fun Fairy Tale. But as it wenton, I saw an entire world evolve around me…

And so we have the Demon Tales Series.

Before I wrote this review, I reread the book for the third time. Just to make sure it wasn't a false impression, I mean the first time I read Beauty and the Beast, I was still on major pain meds from the wreck and let's face it everything is wonderful on Vicodin. Not only did I still love it, I enjoy it more with every reading. I just can't get enough of this wonderful world of demons. It is such a paradox, with it's mix of old world and new. While people still wear swords at their sides and travel by foot, they wear jeans and t-shirts. This is a great thing for kidnapped women who don't have to worry about trying to flee in some cumbersome gown and tiny slippers. The demons run the gamut, just as humans, from evil to saintly, hideous to drop dead gorgeous. This version of Beauty and the Beast touches on every element of a great book. The heroine has a spine of steal, honor and intelligence. Brigg, the hero, is tortured but longs for a gentle touch and someone to see past his hairy countenance. 

Lest you think this is just too dark for you, there is a great thread of snark and humor running through this book. Some of my favorite characters are introduced in this book. Brigg and Cally are of course are major occupants of said group. This is how I see Cally and Brigg.

Won't they have beautiful kids?

Now for my take on my favorite part of any book, the romance. Kerrianne somehow manages to keep the overall fairy tale feeling, while injecting some serious steam between Brigg and Cally. The chemistry is immediate and scalding, but handled with such a masterful touch that when the two finally get together it's a "whew", "awwwww", and a "holy smexiness, Batman" moment  The only complaint I could possibly come up with is the length, I could have used about 100 more pages, but then I'm greedy like that. Beauty and the Beast was a smooth, fast, emotional read that begins a fabulous journey with a wonderful cast of characters in this fun, magical, addicting series called The Demon Tales.

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Unknown said...

I love twists on the beauty and the beast stories...this looks great and even better it's the beginning of a series!

Unknown said...

I love twists on the beauty and the beast stories...this looks great and even better it's the beginning of a series!

Sophia Rose said...

You had me at fairytale retelling. I love these mixed with PNR so I'll definitely be adding this one to the wish list.

Thanks for sharing how it came about and the review.

Unknown said...

The book sounds wonderful to me. I love the thought of the beast being a demon. I cannot wait to find out more about the other stories. Are there other stories with demons or was this story the only one featuring a demon?

Sebella Blue said...

Michelle, they all have wonderfully sexy demons. I can't wait for you to meet Sam. He is my demon, although his mate is a might bit jealous.

jmcgaugh said...

I enjoy variations of Beauty and the Beast.