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Blog Tour/Giveaway– An Irresistible Shadow by Kirsten S. Blacketer

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                  Published September 13th 2013 by Breathless Press



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Lady Evelyn Montgomery, only daughter of the Baron of Rayne, detests the thought of marriage. She will never allow a man to control her. Crushed by the constraints of propriety, she steals away from the safety of the keep and stumbles onto a plot designed to stir up trouble between England and Scotland. When a mysterious hooded man saves her, she fights her attraction to him as they join forces to hunt down a traitor and save her father.

But can she save her heart?

Gabriel is a Shadow Guardian. Hiding beneath his black cowl and blending into the night, he is sworn to protect the Baron's daughter. The spirited Lady Evelyn is far from the delicate flower he anticipated. She makes herself crystal clear, no man will possess her. Can he prove to her that love can be more than just possession?

Or will the traitor they seek tear them apart forever?


"What is it you want from me?"

"I am a shadow guardian." He leaned toward her. "My purpose is to protect you from harm, even if it means protecting you from yourself." His voice was velvet soft.

"Who holds your allegiance?"

"You, princess," he responded.

"You can address me with my proper title, Lady Evelyn," she admonished, throwing the ruined flower to the floor to grind it beneath her slipper.

"You aren't angry." He took a step closer. It was a statement, not a question.

"Aye, but I am," she said, setting her jaw and boldly glaring at him. "I do not need you to watch over me like a child. I can take care of myself." Her heart whispered a plea to accept him, trust him. Her pride fought back, sending her heart to a dark place deep inside. Her spine straightened. She refused to like this man.

"Forgive my intrusion," he bowed stiffly. "Good evening, my lady." A chill embraced her as he stepped away. Her heart cried out, begging to give him a chance.

"And if I should require your assistance?" she murmured just above a whisper.

His hand hovered on the balcony door handle. "I'll be close by, hiding in the shadows." His reply was soft, as if to soothe her pride.

"Do you have a name, shadow guardian?" The question spilled from her lips before she could stop it.

His head turned towards her, face hidden deep in the hood, but the smile in his voice was clear.


With two swift strides, he disappeared over the balcony and into the waiting darkness.

I am generally hesitant on trying on "new2me" historical romance authors. The fear of a mousy, submissive heroine gives me hives. The blurb offered me a promise that happily was not broken. Lady Evelyn was a warrior in a dress. She could handle a blade and hand to hand with the most experienced of warriors. She knew her own mind and was determined to bow to no man. Yay!! She also had a sharp tongue, sarcastic wit, but was also kind and compassionate.

Gabriel was a doll, open, not afraid to express his emotions and totally head over heels for Evelyn. It is hard to go into a great deal of detail without giving away some major spoilers. (which I NEVER do) He wants Evelyn to be the woman she herself wants to be, but he does have some big time convincing on his hands. He also must guard her from her own fearlessness. The only thing she is truly afraid of is losing her freedom. This keeps Gabriel busy.

The story itself moves very quickly and is full of action. There are conspiracies, lots of plotting and plan devising, with a goodly dose of fairly hot romance. (smoking but not too, too graphic) There are some memorable secondary characters who, I am 99.999% certain get their own book that I am looking forward to a great deal.  If you are a fan of strong heroines and their devoted heroes, you will certainly enjoy An Irresistible Shadow. (it's right there in the title)


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Kirsten S. Blacketer is a stay at home mother of two energetic children and a Brittany Spaniel. A proud U.S. Air Force Wife, she spends a majority of her time with her family,going where the military sends them. She is an avid romance reader. The countless stories floating around her head fill notebooks stashed in her bookcase next to books of her handwritten poetry. Drawn to male beauty, nothing entices or entrances her like horses and handsome men in cravats (or a uniform). When she’s not lost in a universe of words, Kirsten enjoys photography, horseback riding, gardening, and rollercoasters. Her husband is her daily inspiration and constant support.

Her passion for writing sparked in eighth grade English, thanks to Mr. Mushrush. Then it caught fire in high school, in Mr. West’s sophomore English class. But it was her father’s encouragement that made her push to become the writer she is today. She surrounds herself with likeminded writers who foster her love for writing and help her continually improve her craft.




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Because the government can not keep it’s nose out of my business, I find it necessary to make the following statement. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I have no dog in this fight so the expressed opinions are mine and mine alone. I received no compensation, no hugs (physical or virtual) or any other incentive to influence my review.

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