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Review of Changing Tides (The Goddess Redemption #4) by Kelli Lockheart

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 As punishment for killing her lover Orion on their wedding day, Zeus cursed Artemis to be turned to stone. When the curse is broken, Artemis still has to redeem herself before her godhood can be reinstated. She must live as a mortal in the human realm, living and dying. She must find her murdered lover and try to make amends for the terrible crime she perpetrated.

Orion is slowly remembering his  life as a god. What he doesn’t remember is why he is now mortal. He is rapidly regaining his memories of his great love for Artemis, but she is hiding a secret that she swears will cause his love to turn to hatred. Is such a thing possible?

This was by far my favorite installment from this serial. It was also, IMHO the darkest. It is really hard to explain why without giving some MAJOR spoilers, especially since this is a very short story and the plot evolves at a very rapid pace. I’m going to have to be very general in my review.

Artemis gets REAL in this book, and Orion has his foundations shaken. This book still packs heat, but is much more plot driven, I believe, than the previous books. There is also some Olympus shaking developments in the godly realms. The gods are scrambling to combat the power drain created by Artemis’s shifters, who while mentioned and making a tiny appearance were also more of a back note. 

Changing Tides seems to offer several clues to the content. The changes taking place are both physical and emotional with unknown ramifications. The evolution of Kelli Lockheart is clearly abundant in Changing Tides. While I really enjoyed the first three books, this book consumed me and I was left salivating for the next book.

These books really need to be read in order, but since they are all under a hundred pages, it is well worth the effort.

You can find the entire Goddess Redemption series on Amazon

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