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Spotlight/Giveaway–Sleeping Beauty and the Damned Demon


                Published December 2nd 2013 by Secret Cravings Publishing
                                          ebook -  228 pages

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As crown prince of the Iron Fey, Rhand spent his youth feeling entitled and acting like a spoiled brat. When his family and their people are destroyed by a power hungry witch, Rhand bears the burden of his undeniable guilt for failing to protect the one thing that could have saved the Iron Fey. To further his quest to possibly resurrect his destroyed kingdom, Rhand has made his way as a bounty hunter, cold, merciless and never failing to capture his target. Never.
 The only reality Selma knows is unconsciousness with brief bouts of suffering from unending thirst and darkness. When she is freed from her bindings and taken out of her prison, she has the slightest glimmer of a hope she had thought long dead. Until her captor speaks. Selma realizes she has exchanged one prison for another. She also feels the power just waiting to be unleashed from deep inside of her. She doesn't remember not being human, she is terrified of this new and unknown realm, but she feels a connection to this world and as her power starts to emerge so do the feelings of our unlikely pair.

This book had me in knots! First I was so heartbroken for Selma and her horrific life, then I was amused by her ‘awakening’ into who she really is, then I was so flipping angry at Rhand for letting her down. And then, I was all contented by the end.

This book is the most emotional in the demon tale 19138568
series. Both these characters have suffered, and both these characters are lonely.

Rhand, brother of Chloe in Rapunzel, is just so damn gorgeous!! He is a warrior, a leader, a fey with more on his conscience than most, and a face made in the heavens.

Selma is under a curse, trapped in the human realms in a mental institution and away from anything and
anyone who might care for her.

This story from the moment I started it, was definitely the darkest and twistyest of all the demon tales. (I even considered scrapping it because I worried it was too dark…. But the characters didn’t allow me to do that.)

Rhand and Selma are such an unlikely couple, such an opposites attract story, that I was worried they wouldn’t, yah know, ‘like’ each other. LOL But this pair turned out to be my most feisty and LUSTY pair of all!!

Whoo-hoo I adored writing this book! I really hope you like it too xx


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I tell you what, Rhand gives Sam a run for his money. I mean, if you haven't read the previous books ( which I have several times) you might think "Wow, what a douche!" Leave Rhand alone!! He is what circumstances have made him. Granted he has taken it to the nth degree, but he feels that he has to be the ultimate hard ass to make up for his rebellious youth. (Rhand has a big surprise and I'm not telling! Neener, neener, neener!)  

Even though both Rhand and Selma are royals, you probably wouldn't know it if you met them. Both have suffered visibly and bear the scars of their hard lives. Just when I think Kerrianne Coombes can't possibly top her previous book, she zings me right between the eyes with another great story. Selma, who outwardly is not near as warrior like as Snow, has the innate grace, strength and bearing of a royal. She is forced to fight her battles in her small increments of conciousness. Even in the face of ultimate doom, she never submits, ever. (Ha, take that, Christian Grey) I don't know what I will do if Kerrianne decides to end this series. Cry, try bribes, hire Rhand to maybe apply a little subtle coercion. I hope it never comes to that.

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Unknown said...

LOVE that cover!! Thanks for the review :)

Enchanting Reviews said...

I really enjoyed the cover and the blurb and I am very excited to read this!

Enchanting Reviews said...

I really enjoyed the blurb and the cover looks amazing ! I am excited to read this!