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Spotlight/Giveaway–Snow White: The Demon Huntress (Demon Tales #3) by Kerrianne Coombes

      Published December 28th 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing

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Since her village was wiped out as a child, Snow White has taken responsibility for the welfare of her surviving relatives by hunting demons for bounty. Over the years, Snow has earned the reputation as being the deadliest hunter in the realm. Since demons are responsible for the destruction of her village and the hardships she and her family still endure, Snow does her job with relish and purpose. When her newest job entails killing the king of the Ram demons, Snow doesn’t even blink an eye.

As king of the Ram demons, Sam should have few if any worries. However due to a curse put on him by his evil mother, he is under an eminent death sentence. When the lovely but deadly Snow White is caught red handed breaking into his castle, he is torn between letting her complete her mission or taking her to his bed and dying a very happy Ram demon.



This book was by far, the most fun to write. Here we have Snow, who is a human trapped in the demon realms, fighting for survival and shouldering enough rage and anger to fuel an entire army.

Snow is foul mouthed, hard faced and a brawler. She is a product of a harsh upbringing and survival. She is a demon hunter, an assassin in the demon realms, feared by many, and
avoided by all. She owns a ‘demons to die’ list and kills as many of them as she can. Her blades are always smeared in blood, her hand steady, her resolve
even more so.

When she comes up against the suave, sophisticated Sam—all bets are off—

Snow has no idea what to do with a demon who is hard but fair, a demon
with morals and love in his heart…

Snow has never met one like him, and she is contracted to kill him.
Sam is a demon king, a classy, wealthy demon with the face of an Adonis with a style that would make most women drop to their knees. Snow has never met such a beast before.

Sam had never encountered a woman with such confidence that he—the king and ruler—finds himself at a loss. This book really fits my image of strong woman and strong man= perfect.This couple bounce off each other so well, the characters just took over when I wrote it.
This story is the epitome of my vision. Strong feisty women are very attractive.

But there is a reason to Snow’s bitterness, a reason she fights so hard for survival and I think, to some, it is quite a surprise.


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This is the book that made me a rabid fan of this series. I won this book in a contest on Kerrianne’s blog, so she was a “brand spanking new to me” author. I fell sooooo in love with Sam. Throughout my journey with these sexy and loveable demons, Sam has always had my heart and after you read this book you will see why.

Snow is my absolute epitome of a heroine. She does what she has to do, no matter how unpalatable to her own moral code. Her loyalty to her family is steadfast and she sacrifices for them again and again. This makes her absolutely perfect for Sam. She is also one bad ass demon hunter. I just get off on the fact that the males tremble in fear when she walks in. She also knows she might be slipping too far into the dark and wants to hang up her blades before she loses her humanity completely. She also has my taste in wardrobes, leather. I could sooo hang with Snow at a bar.

Now for my heart, Sam the luscious. Sam is under a death sentence. If he finds and sleeps with his destined mate, evil will overtake his kingdom which has already been decimated by his power hungry mother. To prevent this Sam has condemned himself to death and the deadline is fast approaching. If you've indulged in the previous books, then you are aware that Sam appears to be the most lighthearted of the demons so far. He has a quick, sharp wit and risks himself time and again for those he calls friend. How awesome that he can front like that. No brooding "oh, poor me" for my Sam.

The first meeting of Sam and Snow is absolutely intense and comical at the same time, as is the case for most of the book. Of course there is some EXTREMELY hot lovin' that takes place as well. As is his due, Sam lays claim to the hottest of the Demon Tales books so far. The may have something to do with my undying devotion. I implore you as a fan of exemplary romance, no matter the sub-genre, you absolutely must, must, must meet my Sam and his Snow.  

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