Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Va Va Voom Read-a-thon Wrap up


Once again many thanks to The Book Nympho and Romancing the Darkside for hosting this fun event.

So I had fun, love some more than others, but thankfully there were no stinkers in the bunch. So here’s how I did. (these will be brief overviews and I will publish my full reviews at a later date.)


This book was just so freaking perfect. I was familiar with Corbin Blue from his brief appearances in Gena’s Alien Huntress series. He was a major butt munch, but that was all explained away. He was just toooooo sexy, tooooo funny and just all around yummy.
Evie was probably one of my favorite heroines of all times. Although Gena does excel in the heroine department, but Evie was just mean, which threw me straight into major girl crush mode.

So, like many fans, I have been waiting for Reaver’s story since pretty much the beginning of the Demonica series, when he was just a lowly UGH employee. It was worth the wait. But man!, this book put me through the wringer. Even though there was lots of snark and Larissa’s trademark dark humor, this book just struck me as heavier for some reason. I was much more anxious while reading Reaver than any of the previous books. I mean I knew there was an HEA in the works, I just worried that there might be some lurking crisis that might not be resolved. (I am a book psychic!!) There are cliffhangers!! Will I spill, ummmmm nooooo!

So, I have a very public love affair with the Coteri males. A race of shifters who are in a war with their evil counterparts the Valta. This is Tremayne’s story. Tremayne was always the joker, the one quick to snap out a quick remark to lesson tensions. It seems as this is to cover up how close to the surface his beast lives. Tre is always conscious that a second’s worth of losing control could mean danger for humans and the Coteri alike. Now I really liked this book, but I didn’t feel it lived up to the first two books. If I had just read Infinite Desire, I would probably be a kinder judge, but having been on the front lines of Infinite Betrayal and Infinite Surrender, it just fell short. It was still an OUTSTANDING book, but it had a rushed feeling to it.

So, it has been a couple of years since I’ve had the pleasure of reading a Nora Roberts novel. What a waste! OMG, this book just sucked me in from the first page. I t yanked my heart out and just stomped it into a bloody stain. A lot of that excitement has to do with the books to come. Dark Witch centered on Iona, an American cousin and descendant of the original Dark Witch, Sorcha. She comes to Ireland to find her family and fulfill her  her magickal destiny. Her love interest Boyle, (Not crazy about the name) is the direct opposite of Iona. He is kind of a plodder, while she is just a bit ditzy, but they work. They were cute together, but what has me all atwitter, is the prospect of Finn and Branna’s story. The heat and conflict here is off the charts.

Full review posted later today!

So, 5 books in 5 days. I’m happy.

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