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Review - Heart of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #5) by Rosalie Lario

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Publication Date: March 5, 2014
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With war looming between the angels and mankind, Abby seeks out the fallen angel who once saved her life…and earned her love. Nate is shocked to see the nephilim he saved as a young girl—and even more surprised at the alluring woman she’s become. Though he can’t deny the spark of attraction between them, nothing prepares him for Abby’s bold claim. That they are meant to be mated.

Tempting though Abby may be, the thought of loving and losing yet another mate forces Nate to resist her considerable charms. But his fiery little temptress won’t be so easily dissuaded. As the Fallen prepare to battle the angels over the fate of mankind, Abby must convince Nate that loving her is worth risking his heart.



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So, If I am to be honest, and God knows, it's often to my detriment that I am ALWAYS honest, Rosalie Lario is one of my absolute favorite authors. Her Demons of Infernum series has it's own shelf, behind glass and is to never, EVER be touched by any hands but mine. So, I am going to try to be unbiased in this review. (Riiiiiight) I loved it. I read it three times before I even thought about putting thought to keyboard. I don't know what it is, nor can I put it in legible sentences why it is about her characters that speaks to me, but they do. Rosalie always manages to pull emotions from the very depth of my being. Even when I'm prepared and guarded, her stories tear me up. It doesn't matter whether it's a full length novel or a teeny tiny snippet, it just grabs me by the throat. She makes me feel everything that the characters feel and it is utterly exhausting.

Nate has found and lost his mate. He has resigned himself to the slow death of a mateless Fallen. Abby has known Nate was "Hers" since their encounter years ago. True, I wanted to smack Nate at least once over the feeling "too much" thing. I mean in the previous book he was ready to throw down to have a mate and now he wants to show caution. Ahhhh, but males are not quite as intuitive nor intelligent as females, no matter the species. So, I forgive.

Bless little Abby's heart, she knows what to do and when to do it. As a Nephilim, she is quite the target. But does she hesitate to do her part? Noooo, because she is a PROPER heroine. Do what needs doing and screw everything else. There were losses in this book that broke my heart, but Rosalie still made me smile and have a brighter outlook after I finished her lovely book. I can not get enough of these angels (Fallen or not). You MUST indulge, I promise you will love it. Job extremely well done! Bravissima!

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