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Review/Giveaway–Lone Wolf’s Captive by Sherilee Gray

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                  Published March 1st 2014 by Escape Publishing – Add it on Goodreads


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He let her father chase him off once, but this time nothing is getting in his way.

Fletcher Stone was forced out of the pack life, and now he makes his living as a hired thug, living day-to-day without honour or commitments. Shame over his choices and his lifestyle keep him from returning to the pack to claim Delaney — the woman who holds his heart. But when a rival pack hires him to kidnap her, Fletcher takes his chance. Now he must convince her that he never wanted
to leave…and reveal a betrayal that will break her heart.

Delaney Jones has spent the last five years convinced the man she loves is dead. Nothing else would keep him from her. So when Fletcher shows up, whole, healthy, and very much alive, she’s devastated — and pissed off. He broke her heart once and he's never going to get close enough to do it again.

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Ooooooh, this was just delicious!! Just a teeny tiny story with a damaged but lovable hero, who overcomes a horrible background to win the girl and the HEA. I likened it to a junior jalapeno cheeseburger, all the fat laden calories in a miniature version with a healthy dose of spice, and just a fraction of the guilt. (Not that I even remember what guilt is)

Fletcher, the damaged and scarred hero, is fighting his inferiority complex throughout most of this short story. He doesn't doubt his abilities, he doubts his worthiness. *sigh* Lord have mercy, when Fletcher decides to shake off the blues, he does it with style. My dog turned uber-alpha! And it was sexay!!

Delaney, bless her little naive heart. She truly believed that Fletcher would only leave her through death. Now that my friends is utter devotion. Unfortunately her trust also extended to a few less than laudable characters. The trust knife can cut both ways. What won her my thumbs up though, was even though she was furious with Fletcher, she never doubted her love for him or his for her. It definitely would not hurt my feelings to see more from this pack.

I was extremely satisfied with my tiny cheeseburger and will definitely be back to sample more of Sherilee Gray's menu. Might I suggest fries with that?

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Sherilee Gray’s always had a big (some may say warped) imagination and as a kid scared herself conjuring up tales full of terrifying creatures. All grown up, she still has the big imagination and monsters in her stories… only now they’re chasing their happily ever after. Based in beautiful New Zealand with her extremely supportive husband and their two children, she spends her time writing, hoarding books, and eating copious amounts of chocolate.


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