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Book Blitz/Giveaway–A Beautiful Rock by Lilliana Anderson


                                                           Published April 3rd 2014
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After the video of his public outburst catapulted him to superstardom, Marcus now has everything he ever wanted.

Or so he thought. Be careful what you wish for, his mother always told him…

After spending two years touring the globe, he’s growing tired, and that endless line of women has become a sea of blurry and meaningless faces.

When he returns home and receives a visit from Naomi, his previous object of affection, he finally starts to look at himself and what he’s become. He doesn’t like it.
Something has to change…

On the surface, Lisa is a pretty simple girl. She goes to work, spends time with her friends, and adores her dog, Perry. She loves the quiet life and isn’t interested in the bright lights of Marcus’s world. So when he takes an interest in her, she makes it very clear that she doesn’t want what he’s offering. You see, Lisa has secrets, and being seen with Marcus will be the key to her undoing.

Being a man used to getting what he wants, Marcus won’t be taking no for an answer. For the first time, he has met someone who he feels a definite connection with, and he won’t be taking no for an answer – even if it means inadvertently ruining everything Lisa has worked so hard to conceal…

Will Marcus and Lisa find a way to deal with her secrets and be together? Or will she push him away, ensuring Marcus is destined to always have his affections unreturned?



I’m a rock star…

I remember that being this great idea that meant all of my dreams would become a reality. I could click my fingers, and anything I want would appear in front of me. Being obscenely famous is as close to magic as you can get.

The problem is, it’s lonely as fuck.

I’ve just spent two years travelling both Australia and the world, singing to audiences in every country imaginable. I’ve fucked more girls than I can possibly count. Done everything I’ve ever wanted to do, and a whole bunch of shit I didn’t even know existed.

I basked in the adoration of my fans. Let all of my values just slip away until I was the quintessential famous dickwad that I am today.

Now, I’m not even sure I’m ok with looking at myself in the mirror.

I used to have friends. I used to have family. I even thought I was in love once… Now, all I have are hangers on, and staff who are paid to nod their heads and make sure I’m happy.

But I’m not. I’m not happy at all.

I think back to where all this started, to that fucking video when I threw a tantrum on stage because I wanted the girl my brother had. I thought I loved her. At the time, I really did. But now I know it wasn’t love. Love is something I’ve never experienced in my whole over the top, gregarious life. Hell, I don’t even love myself. I’m sick of seeing my face plastered around. I’m sick of hearing my name chanted out loud. I’m sick of my own voice.

I need a break, and now that I'm finally back home where I started, I’m hoping that it won’t be long before I get that. Maybe I’ll pretend to be a normal person for a while. It’s amazing how many people believe me when I deny being me…

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Australian born and bred, Lilliana Anderson has always loved to read and write considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer. Besides writing Angelien's biographical trilogy, she also writes contemporary romance and drama all based around Aussie characters.

When she isn't writing she is a wife, and a mother to four children. She has worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities before transferring to commerce/law at university.

She currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.



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If you'd like to win an ebook copy of A Beautiful Rock, leave me a comment telling me what rocker you'd like to do a duet (wink, wink) with. Contest open until April 20th, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST.


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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

OOo nice set up! But are there two heroines??

Ronda Tutt said...

Oh wow! This sounds so good. I am a Rock n Roll / Blues Girl myself and have had my share with members of the band - LOL I love the drama behind the scenes and would love to read this. I just have to know Lisa's secrets and will Lisa tame Marcus?

I'm adding to my list to get.

Queentutt's World of Escapism

Mary Preston said...

I'm a Mick Jagger fan from way back.