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Guest Post/Review/Giveaway–Resisting the Rancher (Three River Ranch #4) by Roxanne Snopek

Resisting the Rancher

                                                            Published April 14th 2014 by Entangled: Bliss
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Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble. A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she can turn to is Jonah Clarke—her family’s lawyer and, as it turns out, her brother Zach’s best friend and her childhood crush. She always wanted Jonah to see her as a bona fide woman, but as a woman who’s being wrongfully blackmailed for seducing a married man? Not on her life.

Jonah is happy to help little CeeCee Gamble, if only she’d come clean about why she’s being blackmailed. But with Zach’s wedding on the horizon and Zach’s fashionista fiancée Desiree giving CeeCee a makeover, the little duckling Jonah remembers is turning into a definite swan. And the unwritten law on sisters is clear—hands off. Jonah must resist Celia or lose the only true
family he’s ever known.



Birth Order and Personality

I’m a first-born. According to birth order studies, I should be:

· Reliable and conscientious
· Structured
· Cautious
· Controlling
· Achievement-oriented

This amuses me because unless there’s a definition for reliable and conscientious that includes usually late, this is not me. However, if cautious also means paralyzed by anxiety and achievement-oriented stretches to a border-collie-like tendency to keep going when it might be smarter to spend a weekend watching Friends reruns, then I’m in.

Middle children, they say, tend to be:

· People-pleasers
· Somewhat rebellious
· Peacemakers
· Socially gregarious

In my latest release, RESISTING THE RANCHER we get to know the Gamble family of Lutherton, Montana, who are adjusting to the tragic loss of their middle son. Without Cale’s peacemaking presence, oldest son Zach and youngest daughter Celia have to create a new family dynamic before they can move forward with their lives.

Youngest kids, like Celia Gamble, are usually:

· Fun-loving
· Uncomplicated
· Manipulative
· Outgoing
· Attention-seeking
· Self-centered

In HIS RELUCTANT RANCHER, we get a glimpse of Celia’s self-centeredness. But in RESISTING THE RANCHER, we finally see her fun-loving and outgoing side. She’s also a tomboy who can handle 1000-lb steers without batting an eye and who will rescue every stray dog and cat that comes her way, but is terrified of her feelings for her big brother’s best friend.

Of course, I didn’t create Celia Gamble with birth order traits in mind; she’s certainly not uncomplicated, for instance. But then, I think we’re all complicated. That’s what makes people so interesting!

What aspects of your personality align with your birth order? What about your siblings?

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 It looks like I started this series at the tail end. (Celia's a vet, get it!) I think, for Celia, this might have been a good thing, because I didn't come in with any preconceived notions. I came in as an unbiased observer, who quickly joined camp Cee-cee. She's a vet, I'm an animal activist. That's all I needed. Then I got into her backstory and her hidden feelings for Jonah. I got a girl crush.

Then I met Jonah, and oh, my sweet lord, he was sooooo yummy and soooo conflicted. Bless his little misguided heart. But men will be men, and Jonah is all man.  As I reached the end of their first real date, I started getting a feeling of deja vu and a vague song began playing in the back of my mind. By the end of that scene, the song was blaring as loudly as any marching band.

This video just captures that moment perfectly. You want an excerpt of Celia's and Jonah's kiss, watch Glorianna's Kissed You and lose your heart.

That captured the tone of Resisting the Rancher. It was sweet, emotional, and tearful at times. It was also funny, heartwarming and left a smile on my face and a longing for more in my heart. I look forward to catching up to the rest of the gang and I loved meeting them in Resisting the Rancher, although I KNOW that Zach's story is going to break my heart. This group of rancher's and their loves have a new fan and I am just tickled to death about it. Job very well done Roxanne, brava.

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

I read book two and enjoyed it :) I so need to get back to these! Didn't realize I was so far behind! Eep! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Unknown said...

I have not read these but they sound really great

Unknown said...

Herding Cats, now's the time to catch up! I can't wait to hear what you think, since this one's connected loosely to book #2.

Unknown said...

Leslie, I hope you enjoy them - thanks for stopping by!

Shadow said...

I read the first one and ive been dying to check out the others! This series is fantastic so far!! Im loving all the characters! Thank you for sharing!

Kathy Heare Watts said...

Books look great and I love series books.